My Life this Summer…

School starts a week from today (Aug. 15, 2011).  I will officially be in the RN nursing program at Three Rivers College.  I’m a little freaked out and excited all at the same time.  I will be going part time at work, losing my insurance and half my income…so life will be just a little interesting until I figure out all the pros/cons of a nice very TIGHT budget.  But I also know that I have Someone watching over me, and He has never let me down before (last time I was fired from my job I never went without)…He’s good like that.  I’m trying to get all my books ordered and purchased, my uniforms in order and make sure they fit right, my supplies (I feel like a little kid starting kindergarten, only my mommy isn’t here to do it all for me).  It will be great!!  Our first stop is Geriatrics (the elderly), and we will work with them for the first semester.  I shall have some stories to tell. :)  Looking forward to this new chapter in my life and everything that it has in store.

My parents and I took a mini vacation to Detroit, MI, over Fourth of July weekend.  I can now add another major city to the places I have visited, and we were able to spend an awesome weekend with my mom’s family.  It was great getting to know them and spend the weekend with them.  I ate, and ate…they probably thought I was a little piggy that never got to eat at the trough at home.   But my body was gearing up for a challenge I was going to start on July 11, and I think it was in conserving mode. :)  I did eat a lot of food (or ice cream)…but oh well.  Next time I will be on my best behavior, eat daintily, and only speak when spoken to.

I did a 24-day challenge starting July 11 (the one promoted through Advocare) for a cleansing and nutritional absorption.  I lost 7 lbs and 4 1/2 inches during the time frame.  I stress ate through one of the weeks (due to some school stuff and other stuff); so given what my body was going through and the fact that I’m not like 500 lbs and can drop 50 lbs in a month…I was very pleased with my results.  I can only go forward from here.  I know I need more discipline in my eating habits (a lot of other habits too); but I’m closer to my goal than I was a month ago…I say “Onward Ho”.

That about sums up my life this summer…I did take an online class “Library Science”, very interesting cheezy class that I almost messed up in and didn’t get an A because it was so basic that I didn’t care.  I did pull an A out of the class (94), and I now know how to cite all my work and information that I take from other material in two different formats.  I feel like a genius now.  Other than that I had a very slow summer that was filled with work, work, and um more work.  Some church, and that’s it.

We finally got rain.  We had so much rain during the Spring that we flooded out.  Then we went about two months without a drop.  It was so dry you could basically lick your lips and make mud while walking around.  It finally broke last week and we have RAIN!!  It’s still a little grumbly this morning, but I’m thinking of all the creeks, ponds, and grass that is getting watered in preparation for the winter months.  The livestock will be happy and the winter crops are getting what they need.  Thank you Jesus for the rain!

Here’s to the start of the new chapter in my life next week (RN Nursing School) and what lies ahead!!  CARPE DIEM!!


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