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How time flies…it’s already the end of March

Well, I went back to school in January and am taking only one class (A&P II); it’s been interesting.  I love learning, but some of the kids in my class really make me want to bang my head against the table.  They ask the most inane questions and want to know if every-other idea out of the teachers mouth is going to be on the test.  WHO CARES…you’ll have to know this eventually, why not get a good basis now rather than later. 

Another GRRR! is that they always try to get by with the least amount possible.  I’m a TERRIBLE speller, I have issues and always have.  Our teacher would allow us to re-write words that we misspelled on our lab exams to gain the point back. FOUR people did not take the time to look up their words and misspelled their misspell corrections…so therefore he took this option away.  I therefore spend hours upon hours of learning my words (I would usually maybe miss one, two at the most).  So on a recent test they were all asking if they could abbreviate a majority of the words because they were ‘hard to spell’.  HELLO, are we in junior high or college.  Buck up!!

I took my pre-entrance exam back in February for the RN program, we won’t know until the second week of April if we got in or not.  It’s been a long month of March.  I’m ready to find out what’s what and where I’m going to be going next semester.  I’m praying that everything works out like it should and I’m trying to find money.  It would be nice if it grew on trees. :)

I took the first weekend of Spring break off and took a mini vaca to STL and West Plains.  I woke up Monday morning to three inches of snow in STL, it was great.  Very pretty!!  On Sunday, I went to church and one of my professors from college totally did not recognize me, I got a really good laugh out of it.  He kept blaming the backlight from the window behind me, yadda-yadda.  He felt really bad and kept apologizing, I just got a good laugh out of it.  It was a great relaxing weekend, topped off with dinner and games at my friends house in West Plains on Monday night, and time with her on Tuesday. 

I’m the proud owner of a gym membership!!  I’ve always worked out at home via video or walked at the track or around town.  It was time to bump up some weight limits, and I didn’t really want to own a whole set of weights at this time in my life (no place to store them); so I went the next best route and joined our local gym.  I think it will work out nicely, if I can figure out all the machines…the owners don’t really have a show-n-tell session or know all the in/outs themselves. :)  Here’s to skinny clothes!! <clink, clink>

I’m going to wrap it with that…it’s already midnight and 6:00 am is going to come very early.  Not to mention I have a three chapter exam tomorrow night and lots of stuff to do tomorrow on lunch (other than study).  Live still moving forward…one day at a time!!