Sometimes our bodies do not know best…

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  That’s me screaming because I have hives and have had them for about six days now, they come and go; but when they are here they make me want to SCREAM, and sometimes cry.  They are the most annoying and sometimes almost painful things I have experienced in my life — this is the first time I’ve ever had them.  They pop up all over my body, itch, burn, and they are some annoying little break-outs.  I took a vacation day today…and I’m glad that I did, I have one of the worst breakouts since they started…and it’s lasting all morning.  Now to decide to go to a doctor somewhere or just wait it out…taking a  dose pack of steroids and some benadryl — nothing helping today.  GRRR!!!

I have three weeks of school left for this semester…w00t!!!  This semester has taken FOREVER in my opinion, but the fun is just beginning for me really…I have another five semesters — two whole years to go before I walk across the stage in my cute little white outfit.  I may be on xanex and all kinds of fun drugs before that; but hey, I’ll be able to relate to my patients. :)  Luckily I have a good A&P lab partner that will be going through it with me, he’ll keep me focused and on the right path and mindset.  It’s amazing who God puts in our lives at just the right time.

I started this post sometime ago (11/19/10), and never got around to finishing it.  I found out what caused the hives (or at least I’m about 100% sure I know); Vit B-12.  I was taking a B Complex Vit and ran out, so when I purchased more I did a B sublinguil (a liquid that you shoot right under your tongue) — that’s what did me in folks.  Apparently there are others that are allergic, or have hive reactions to the stuff in the vitamin.  I then changed to a pill form and had another break-out…so no more b-12 till I see my Doctor and see if I still need it and if I can get an injectable shot.

We just wrapped up our annual Christmas at Our House dinner theater at church.  Nine straight nights!!  It was good, but we’re all glad that it’s over.  Things will possibly be low key and easy for awhile.  I have finals this week in college, then a month off.  Looking forward to some vegetation time — doing absolutly nothing.

That wraps this post up for now…take care cyber world.  ERM.

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