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Christmas is 60 days away…and counting!

Wow, 2010 is flying by fasting than I can say whipper-snapper!!  Things are good here.  Last night was one of the worst nights so far with my meds, add to that the storm and a storm alarm radio going off every fifteen minutes (starting at 3:00), add to that a stuffy room-cannot breath-body ache feeling and my morning was da’ BOMB!! LOL.  I left my second place of employment about two hours earlier than normal, came home dopped up on some Naproxen and Suddafed, took a long hot shower and went back to bed…needless to say I feel better now.  And NOW I need to be tackling my A&P because I have a lecture exam tonight and I haven’t even looked at one of the chapters yet…and I took the weekend off (except for some time on Sunday) and did ‘me’ time — which was very nice.  Of course the me time came after cleaning house, doing laundry, and re-potting plants…but hey, who’s keeping track.

Christmas at Our House tickets set a record sell-out.  It took right at five minutes, no I did not stutter…FIVE minutes to completely sell out of 310 tickets for nine nights straight.  Not only was that a record, but we currently have 715 people on a waiting list.  This is craziness!!  This year is going to be cool…the title of the play is “O Holy Knight”, and it’s going to be set in medieval time setting with clothes and all.  Cannot wait to see it all!!

We have just short of two months until Christmas.  I’m not sure if Santa Claus is going to make it to town or not.  I really hope that the weather cooperates and it’s actually cool at Christmas…lately we’ve been having 80 degree weather at the end of October, a little crazy.  Last night we finally got rain, w00t!!  It was so dry and everyone’s ponds were drying up, not good for livestock.  It was a steady rain that we were getting at 5:30, good soaking the ground instead of pounding so hard it just all rolls to the ditches.

I need to run…school work is calling my name, hopefully I can pass my test tonight.


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