School, Blood Sugar, Fred Flintstone

School started this week.  I am taking 8 credit hours, but only two classes.  I have a Computer Literacy class and Anatomy & Physiology.  I think A & P may kick my butt, I have to know all gazillion bones that are in my head by next Thursday, on top of reading two chapters, doing some exercises in my lab book, and working full time. :)  Life is great!!  It will be worth it when I’m done…I just won’t have a life until then.

This week at work was a little crazy…for the first two days of the week, I was acting as three people.  Myself, the girl that usually helps me, and the girl that was hired to do Oxygen.  One was on vacation and one as doing continuing education classes.  Then I was also playing cashier and working the front.  It was a very busy two days!!  I survived and was able to finally get to my own stuff on Wed, when the O2 girl came back.  On Wednesday I had to send two people to the ER…I was demonstrating how to operate Glucometers (blood sugar testers); and one guy tested at 491/499 and the next lady tested at 504…the average reading should be between 80-120, the highest 140 after eating.  Some people range around 200 if they are sever diabetic…but with readings this high are bad.

The lady was like…’yeah, I need to stop by blah, blah, blah’; I was like, um, no you need to go now and I will call and let them know you’re on your way.  She goes — ‘Wow, that’s service’.  But I let her drive herself…w/ 504 bs reading.  When I called the ER about 15 min later and asked if she had made it, when the answer was no the nurse on the line freaked a little when I told her what was going on.  Needless to say, I got to go to the post office by way of the alley and ER parking lot verifying that our customer had made it.  Needless to say we need to make a POA of what to do when things like this happen!! :)

I went to the bank today.  When I was leaving I saw a car at the stop sign where the driver had their door open and their foot out ‘walking’ their car through the intersection.  I thought first of the Flintstones, then I felt bad that the person’s care was only half working and he had to walk it through the intersection.  By the time I got to the intersection he had walked the car out of the way.

I went to the dr with my friend today, she was scheduled for an ultrasound (or sonogram); and I got to see the baby.  He was looking right at us when the wand was placed on her belly.  Then I got to see the heart beat…all the separate chambers could be seen, and it was pumping away.  VERY COOL!!

Today was very full (clean house, , and I’m ready for bed.  Work tomorrow.

Take care cyberworld!!  ERM

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