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July 2010…what a month

The month of July was very full for me.  I did a semester worth of Human Development in four weeks, came away with an A…so I guess it was worth it.  My great grandmother passed away on July 12, at the age of 97.  In other aspects of my life it feels like there were two steps forward and on step backward.  Sometimes I feel like I have no friends…if it weren’t for my cousin who feels sorry for me I wouldn’t be invited anywhere…she was gone for two weeks, life was boring.  There’s a young girl in our church who barely graduated from high school, had her life mapped out for college in STL she’s now staying home for a guy — who may be tired of her in a month or so, yet her life has forever altered because of this one decision.  Love is a crazy thing…you cannot help your heart loves, and sometimes it overlooks many things about people that should be glaring warning signals…but it’s love. :)

Tribute to Eva Maria Gentry (12/23/12-7/12/10).

She was an awesome lady, she headed a family of seventy-seven members (and growing).  When we were little her gum of choice was juicy fruit, she would give it to us in church with the promise that we wouldn’t ‘chomp’ it.  She made ‘red-hot’ pears, the best breakfast ever, and would sit and just chat.  The most important thing is that I know she prayed for me, every day.  I am in the process of going to school to be a nurse, in one of the last opportunities I had to talk with her I mentioned school and she asked what I was going for.  When I told her I was going to be a nurse, or was trying, she just looked up at me with that calm look and said “You’ll do good”.  It’s kinda weird that she’s no longer with us…she’s just always ‘been’.  We knew that Granny was there, but I know that she is better now and she has obtained the reward she looked for daily.  She went home to be with her maker and redeemer.  R.I.P. Granny…love you!!

Human Development.  WOW!!  Four weeks of intense reading and studying and I pulled an A out of the class.  Then a friend who took it at the same time tells me that she only read chapter one and she made a B in the class.  I felt like kicking her in the shins.  I put a lot of time into that class, and she took the test and quizzes and made a B without opening the book.  Makes me want to say GRRR!!!  Oh well…it’s over and I know a lot about development.  We’re born, we grow, and we die — see my money was well spent. :)

Sometimes I wonder if I really have friends or not.  I had a friend once, and I found out that sometimes friends aren’t what they are cracked up to be.  So therefore I put walls up around myself and question everyone’s motive, what they say, my own motives and how I react.   I know that I shouldn’t let things affect me, and I should be able to move on and open up and just ‘be’.  Way harder than what you would think.  Done with that spill…now to move on :)

A friend of mine came down a couple of weekends ago (the weekend after my grandmother passed away) and we traveled around SE Missouri and Northern Arkansas just chatting and taking pics of barber shops.  It was a nice way to spend the day.  We went into this little history museum in Pocahontas and there was a Dalton Calculator there, what was cool about this is that a week before I received an email from an aunt of mine that explained that our family was part of the group that a) was members of the Dalton Gang — the notorious bank/train robbers and b) that created the Dalton calculator.  I was like, cool beans…this is what I was telling you about (I had just shared the story with him while we were driving south).

About the girl who is putting her life on hold for a guy.  My train of thought may be the reason why I’m still single…but I pretty much think that she’s an igit.  Yes, you read that correctly an IGIT…otherwise known as an idiot.  Anyone that would put their lives on hold for a guy or girl are crazy.  Who’s to say that they are going to be together two months down the road.  There is a considerable age gap between them…and they may be madly in love; but what’s to say that if the something happens to the guy next month and he’s no longer around this girl’s life is totally altered and she’s not going to have anything to fall back on.  She’s not going to have an experience outside of this little world that we live in.  I cannot understand their thinking process.  Again…that may be why I’m still single; but I would rather be single and have seen the world and have an education.

I start back to school in about two weeks.  I’m going to have to start collecting cans.  Between all my doctor bills, tuition, school books, and house bills…I’m starting to see a very dark hole called debt.  I really need to get some student loans going.  I was going to try and stay away from them until I actually went into the program, but I may need some money next semester…if not this semester.  It will all work out, just have to keep believing that.  My MS has been acting kinda crazy this week.  My legs are feeling a little funky and one night this week I had the sever flu like symptoms that go along with the Rebif.  I exercised three times this week and I’m starting some exercises off of Spark People, I want to try and keep as much muscle tone and stuff as possible…I may not make it to be a nurse, but with the help of God things will work out.  I will just have to get my Masters and teach about it instead of actually working in the field…though I still crave to work with the Red Cross.

Well…this about wraps it up for me.  I’m staying at my grandmother’s the past two weeks since Seneatha has been out of town.  Time to head south.  Here’s to the month of July <clink, clink> and to the month of August that we are staring in the face!!