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I’m full of Poo and this week was Poo!!

I love the show Scrubs…well the older ones, the new season is o.k….but anyway, back to my train of thought.  Here’s my theme song for this month, “Everything Comes Down to Poo“.  This week was one of the longest weeks in history I think, and my stress level has went up about twenty notches, which in turn has activated my IBS, which makes everything about poo…or the lack there of.  So as my title indicates, I’m full of poo! :)  Wanted to know that right…well it’s life and I’ve gained about 8 lbs from stress eating and I’m feeling like a big bloated whale and I just want life back to normal…with my left arm non-numb, my IBS dormant, and money back in a savings account.  But alas, I don’t think that will happen soon…therefore I will consciously need to make myself eat healthy (bought some good food the other day); only eat when I’m hungry (that will be a hard one), and start exercising again (stress/depression causes a lack thereof), will drink lots of coffee (natural lax), and hopefully be back to my happy 8 lbs lighter self in a week or so.  Plus I get to see a doctor this coming week in STL that will hopefully shed some light on the numb left arm and get some answers and solutions.  If not then I get to see another one on May 27…hopefully he doesn’t give me the answers because I don’t want the ones he’ll be giving.  Curse the numb arm and crazy shooting tingles that run down my back and legs when I bend my head forward!!  (I have a new respect and empathy for my brother!!)

This week had all the crazies out.  That happens occasionally around my neck of the woods, but sometimes you hope that they stay home or that they took some smart pills over the past month.  But they never let a person down, and they show up.  But I hold out hope that it’s only for a few days, then they fade away and you only have the occasional one here and there.  It keeps life interesting, and gives one things to chuckle about when sitting alone, or when one needs a break.  It all works out.

Got awesome news about my Sociology grade this week…as long as I do decent on the final next week I will more than likely come out of the class with an A.  With all the curves, the ten point paper, and the option of retaking the second test…things have worked out in my favor.  Though the teacher did not specify that you were only allowed ONE ten extra point paper…and since I did mine prior to the one she offered everyone, I thought I would get the extra credit for the assignment she posted…not so.  I watched shows about lost childhoods and did a paper for nothing.  Even after I had asked a question concerning the assignment, she let me do it…then informed me that I wouldn’t get the credit for that paper.  GRRR!!  Oh well…I guess I gained knowledge if not extra credit! :)

Loving the weather today!!  It rained non-stop for awhile, then got HOT and HUMID (two other givens for my area); but yesterday afternoon we had a freak rain shower and things cooled down.  I’m sitting with my windows open and my house is a cool 61 degrees.  It’s awesome!!  My house got aired out and I got to leave the air off…and to snuggle down in the blankets is always a bonus.  Life is good!!

I need to get myself motivated and get the house cleaned…I have been selected to help with Mother’s Day preparations today (putting flowers together and doing last minute candies bags); we have an awesome day planned tomorrow for our Mother’s at West Point…I’m really excited and cannot wait.  They are going to be very happy and blown away I think.  (Shout out to my own Mother…Happy Mother’s Day mom…you’re the best ever!!  Thanks for always doing the things you do, and for being there with a helping hand…Love ya!!)

Well…here’s a sign off to this past week…when I found information out or confirmation about some questions that I had in the back of my mind, was haunted by a former friend who I cannot seem to get away from regardless of how much I try; was faced with the knowledge that if I continue on the path I’m on I’ll be 200 lbs by Christmas (if not before); had to curb my natural instinct of not doing stupid well and had to pretend that I cared about some of the situations I was faced with; realized that my schooling was going to be put on hold and would not continue on the time schedule I had set out for myself; and came to the realization that friends are what matters…the ones that you can joke around with, laugh with, and make comments about or to and everyone knows that it’s a joke and you can be yourself.  To FRIENDS!! <clink, clink>

Later online world…take care…ERM.

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  1. It’s not easy be sane (at times) and especially not easy staying healthy. Not at all. But did you know that coffee helps the pain receptors in our brains to slow down so we can exercise longer/harder? So maybe that is the magic elixir that will make life about a little more than pooing :) and a lot more about feeling great in those jeans!

    I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog!

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