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Flat tires, bills, and so much more

So much has happened since my last entry, you would think that I lived a million lives, but it’s been like a month or so.  First off, I’m out of school for a month…w00t!!  I ended up making straight A’s, which I was happy about, I apparently ended up figuring out how to be sociable and I pulled an A out of that class.  Of course it took sequestering myself into a lot of study time, alone and without interruptions or distractions…but hey, the point is that I pulled it off.  I signed up for another online course in July then A & P and Computer Literacy in the fall; as we trudge along toward our goal.  I was going to go through the summer and start the program this fall, but ‘life’ happened and things are not totally on hold but have been put into first gear and we’re going a little slower.  But it’s still happening and that’s what matters!!

I went to St. Louis on May 11-12.  I went up for a doctors appointment, and was able to hit the town with my friend Ethan; we went to the Cafe Ventana (awesome), the downtown sculpture park…it was a great night even the horrendous mother of all thunderstorms that occurred couldn’t take away from the fun.  Caught lunch with Mel on Wednesday after the doctors appointment…it was great to catch up, even if only for an hour.  I went to the Advanced Medical something 0r another building for an appoint (part of Barnes Jewish)…the people there were amazing.  They were all very nice, helpful, and my wait time was not bad at all.  I know that at some point they will probably have some wait time (and I was prepared with my Sociology book and some other homework); but I didn’t even get to do any of it.  The doctor (Dr. Luethardt) was great…the only downfall was that he did not give me the news I wanted.  He told me that my spine was that of a healthy 33 yr old, the fluid and all the bones were good.  Bleh!  No surgery (which is good, but bad); and if I want physical therapy in the future he will write me a scrip…yes, I want to be able to go in for a massage three times a week and let my insurance pay for it for ‘therapy’. :)  Anyway…I go back to another doctor this Thursday…and I really hope that he has no news either.  I’ll just be a healthy 33 year old with a numb left arm/hand.  I can live with that!!

Pictures from STL Trip!!

I got my bills from my foray into the medical world.  They are oh so lovely!!  I have insurance, but it has a $2500 deductible…so I think I’m going to start picking up cans!  Medical bills and school bills do not compute very well (one of the reasons things have been kicked into lower gear).  I’ve decided that I’m going to go have about twenty children…then the government will help pay for things.  As of right now, they don’t help out single white females who work and own a home…for some reason that equation does not compute for free funds.  Oh well, my dad helps me out when he can…which I appreciate, he’s my government funds!! :)

I had a flat tire the other night.  It was great.  I could tell my car was running kinda weird, but there was no distinct ‘hey I have a flat’ feeling.  I let go of the wheel and it stayed in the road, didn’t jerk, or veer off in any direction.  I came up to a church and decided I would check it out, so I pulled over.  I definitely had a flat.  It was about 1:00 am; so I called my friends house I had just left to inform them I wouldn’t be a little late letting them know I had made it home, because I had to change the flat tire.  Luckily that was some basic info my dad made me learn!  I proceeded to empty my trunk out onto the church parking lot and got down to business!!  Put my lovely do-nut on and was on my way in about 2o minutes.  Then Saturday, I got to spend some quality time at the tire shop to get some tires on my car…gotta love male orientated businesses.  I felt like I needed to spit a couple of times and wipe my nose on my shirttail…or better yet just hold one side and blow it out! :)  At least they had a girly magazine to read — better homes and gardens.

Sunday (May 23) was Pentecost Sunday…it was some awesome church.  God is so good to me!!

I’m going to wrap it up here…I could go on and on still, but I think I’ll give those two people that read this a break. :)


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