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April 21, 2010 — 12:49 am

Well a lot has happened over the past weekend/week.

One.  I was able to retake my Sociology test (see  below for details on the first go round); I ended up making 51 out of 60, which is an 85.  Then the teacher gave a 10% curve…which brings my test up to a 93…an A!!  Totally excited!!  She also posted on blackboard today that we have an opportunity to do a paper for ten points that will be added to our lowest test score.  I am going to work on that tomorrow, so I will have some cushion for the final.  Lord help us!!

Two.  After work on Saturday I went to Jonesboro with my mom.  Our main goal was to go so I could pick out some scrub tops that my boss is purchasing for us (since I missed out on the week before trip).  It took me an HOUR…yes you read that correctly, an hour.  My body is shaped not to fit into the scrubs comfortably.  I found a couple of styles that were, as Goldilocks would say, ‘Just Right’…so I bought like all five of them in that style.  Just kidding, but not really, at least three of them are the same type shirt…and they are OH SO COMFORTABLE.  After doing that, we hit the mall and then mom took me out for my birthday (which was Monday 4/19).

Three.  Church was Sunday (of course)…and it rocked!  Sunday was a crazy day for me.  I had an amazing roller coaster ride emotionally, and I didn’t know weather to be happy or sad that my birthday was the coming up, and how I was going to deal with another situation that I was facing.  Then to top it all off I acted like a crazy lady in another situation…it’s a wonder I’ve not been committed to the funny farm yet.  Then Sunday night arrived and God moved in to our church service, and He reminded me of some things and let me know that He was there…regardless.  Topped the night off with chicken and dumplings and then friends over for Smallville.  A good day.

Four.  Monday.  My birthday.  April 19.  A day of many sad occasions that have transpired over the years.  The first was the beginning of the Revolutionary war, with the shot that was heard around the world.  Then there’s Waco, TX, and the Davidian compound incident.  Then you have the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Many of these things did not even get a bleep on the radar this year…of course with under water volcano’s erupting and disrupting flight in the Northern Hemisphere…well ya know.  Then this year, this past Monday, my aunt lost her mother.  I worked all day, skipped class and studied for my Psychology test this Thursday instead (two chapters to read and go over).  Relaxed.

It was a busy and somewhat crazy weekend…but hey, that’s life.  I’m looking forward to the end of the semester (four weeks away)…just so I can start again the next week.  Summer classes here I come!!  Hopefully I get into the nursing program and this all works out…testing in July! :)

That’s all for now.  Until later! ERM

Sociology — bleh!

Now I know why I’m a wall flower at gatherings, and I can just as easily entertain myself with a good book or quiet time and be fine with it.  I apparently am terrible at sociology, or so my test scores are telling me.  We just had a test this past weekend over chapters 6-10, I failed (with a 68%).  Come to find out, once I started looking at some of my papers…the information was over chapters 1-10 — no wonder some of it was beyond comprehension, it’s been six weeks since we covered chapters 1-5.

To give some back history, this is my first online course.  The teacher has it set up that the entire semester is based on three test scores, each test is over five chapters.  We read the book by ourselves, have the option to do online ‘pre-test’ (that have NOTHING in common with the regular test), then take the test at the assigned time by the teacher.

We had a test this past weekend…apparently EVERYONE did as bad or worse than me (the average was 33 out of 60), and the teacher is opening the test back up this weekend and she will be taking the higher of the two test scores.  YEAH!!  Which means that I will just spend this week studying ALL of the information that we have read up to this point…I remember some of the questions and the information was from chapter 5.  Oh well, this is what I get for taking an online course.

I have come to the conclusion that I am an auditory learner…my other classes I have passed with flying colors and have an A average…this class is pretty much going to take me down. :)


April 10, 2010

Life is so crazy sometimes…yet so fun and frustrating at the same time.  I am nine days away from turning thirty-three, part of me is wondering where time has gone and the other half is wondering what in the world I’ve actually done.  Some would look at me and say ‘nothing’ because I’m still single with no children; others would think I’ve conquered the world since I’ve actually been outside of Ripley County, and even the United States. :)  I think that I’m balanced somewhat, though I wish I would have decided earlier in life what I wanted to be when I grew up so I would not currently be back in school with no funds and trying to make ends meet…but hey, that’s life and I’ve been very blessed to travel and see a lot of cool stuff in my life.  Though the March wanderlust is starting to stir up a little and I’m becoming very antsy…it’s time to get out of Dodge and see something different.  To bad Dodge consists of a house (that won’t sell), a job that I have to keep in order to pay the bills for the house (that won’t sell), and school that I am financing out of pocket because the government doesn’t give money freely to single females who have a house (that won’t sell) and a job that actually pays them a little bit of money so they can keep the house.  So the cycle continues! :)

Though I complain it does no good…hehe…because the cycle is continuing…but it’s good.  I have been blessed!!  The above litany may not sound like it but I am blessed.  I am blessed BECAUSE I have a house, a roof over my head, and one large enough that my brother’s family has a place to live.  I am blessed because during these crazy times I have a job that allows me to keep my house, and provide a roof over my brother’s family’s head.  Every once in awhile we get groceries!! (lol…j/k)  God has been good to me, sometimes I get frustrated and I tell Him how it is…then He comes by and wraps me in His arms and reminds me how much He loves me.  It’s all for His purpose, and He’s apparently molding me into an great being! :)

Things are going good…I have little over a month of school left, so that means four weeks.  Then I will have summer classes and take the test in July to see if I get into the nursing program.  I’m ready to find out what’s happening with my arm — it’s been numb for three weeks now, and I’m waiting to get into a doctor to see what’s happening.  Been going to the chiropractor with no change (less money at $33 a pop), but other than that still a numb arm.

We started a West Point U at church, it’s a group that is going to focus on individuals between the ages of 18-25, and some of us other stragglers that are out of that age group, but since they are the ones that we hang out with we’re allowed to join in and go along with this awesome new thing.  I think it’s going to be great…they are going to dig into the word and open up avenues that will allow the students to be focused and get a great foundation in finding out who they are at a crucial point in their lives.  It’s going to be a great journey!!

Well that about wraps things up here…I could go on and on today, but alas I have two test I need to get crackin’ on and some chocolate gravy to go eat at Coffee and More!!  Life is good…and we take it one step at a time…and eventually I will be able to travel again and go see new places!