March 3, 2010

This year is going so fast already…we’re into the month of March and things are going strong.  Good things are happening at work, we have a girl that’s coming in to take over the Oxygen (and the angels are singing Hallelujah course).  This will take a load off of me, trying to keep track of everyone that has to be re-certified BEFORE their twelfth month is up…and getting the doctors to actually get the paperwork back to us.  Ah, the joys the government makes us go through…but maybe if Obama gets his way this will all change shortly.

There is so much happening in and around my life lately.  Sometimes it makes one stop and say ‘hmmm’, and other times it makes one want to SCREAM and run away to a nice little quite place.  And I have come to realize that guys are crazy and very frustrating.  Maybe that’s just a girls perspective,  but sometimes the way they act and the things they say are so contradictory…then they wonder why we don’t ‘get’ them.  But they make life interesting.  Now just if I actually had one to make my life interesting. :)

Love.  A crazy thing.  A good thing.  Something that is elusive, yet strong.  It’s good to let people know that you love them, regardless of the cost to self…because life is short.

Take care online world…until later…ERM.

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