Roseann March (7/8/63-2/2/10)

Today we will lay to rest a very special person in my family, my aunt Rose.  Her passing was a shock, but God’s timing is never wrong.  We may not understand it now, but He is with us and will sustain us.

Rose was what some would term ‘special needs’.  She was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  Though she didn’t always understand what was going on, she knew that Jesus loved her.  She would sing the song “Jesus Loves Me” and smile from ear to ear.  Sad to say, I didn’t always spend time with her or see her when I went to my Grandma’s house; but this past month I had the opportunity to help Grandma with her and got to see her personality and get to know her better.  The week before she passed, I was there and she was aggravated at Grandma and not speaking to her.  I had her cooperation, so to distract her from what Grandma was doing I sang a line from one of her favorite songs  “Don’t Mess With My Toot-toot“; she loudly sang ‘toot-toot.  From there I started the lyrics to Jesus Loves Me, and she proudly sang the song word for word.  To have the understanding that regardless of life, Jesus loves us…that is priceless!!

Another one of her favorite songs that she would sing while I was growing up was “Don’t Worry Be Happy“, and I think if she had the opportunity to say one last thing to us it would be that Jesus does love us and not to worry, be happy.  She is in a much better place today, free from the confines of the body she was born with.  It’s sorrow in our hearts that she is no longer with us here on earth…but we can be happy knowing that she is in Heaven.

RIP Roseann…see you soon!

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