School has started…

Classes officially started today for the Spring 2010 semester at TRCC.  I am taking my first ever web course, part of me is scared to death because I don’t have a teacher that is going to be seeing me weekly to make sure that I get my stuff done; and the other part of me is excited because from what I can see as of right now I am just reading a lot and taking three exams.  Which means I will def need to do well on those three exams. :)  My other classes are on Monday and Thursday’s in Doniphan, so I will be saving money on gas this semester and won’t have to leave work early to make it to class…no skipped lunches or make up time for me this semester!!

This past Saturday the women from my office went to see Steal Magnolias at the Imperial Theater in Pocahontas, AR.  It was good, but LONG.  We had a fun time though just being together and not worrying if someone was waiting on an order to be filled…we were the ones being waiting on.

Church this past weekend was phenomenal!!  God is so awesome, and regardless of where we may take ourselves…He is there and is willing to take back over the navigation and steer us in the right direction.  Never condemning us, He may chastise us and break us…but He loves us.


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