My friend is married…and other things

It’s already January 4, 2010, and each day is coming faster and faster.  I start back to school in a couple of weeks, for my second semester toward my goal of being a nurse (I will actually test next month).  Part of me is scared to death and the other part excited that I am going forward…I do have a small issue of selling my house, hopefully that happens within the next six months (Lord willing).

Kim’s wedding on January 1, was AWESOME!!!  We were all ‘very’ tired by the end of the week (what with the decorating, the endless hours of pictures, then hour long ceremony, and more pictures…then the whole breakdown of the decorations and cleaning).  But it was well worth it and I would do it again in a heart beat.  She made a beautiful bride, and the decorations went beyond even what she had envisioned.  It ended up being a group effort, the joke is that it took a village to accomplish it (I jokingly said that my parents were living vicariously through her, they were there every night helping and setting up…making sure it all came together).  We had an awesome time with it all, and everything worked.  Check out some pics of the wedding and decorating here.  It’s best if you click the ‘view as slide show’ option to the right…it makes it easier to see them all.

We are five days into our forty day Daniel Fast, that means I have thirty five more to go before I can find out what is going on in the world of my friends.  I didn’t think I was so attached to Facebook, which is what I gave up as my ‘favorite’ thing for the forty days…and I have spent more time doing other things…like reading my Bible, blogging, and relaxing (all of which needed to happen)…and the rest of the time I spend thinking about and making myself not get on facebook. :)  I am looking forward to what God has in store for us at the end of our forty days…our Pastor has received a word about Afterward and our focus is in Joel 2.  It’s going to rock our worlds.

I started a part/part time job…I go out and put my aunt to bed each night at 8:00.  I think it will be a learning experience and something that will give me time to spend with my grandma and learn some stuff for my chosen profession.

I need to head to bed so I can get up early tomorrow…another day, another dollar.  Looking forward to Thursday, when I have a day off and can sleep, sleep, sleep. :)


P.S.  December  28 — I shall remember that day as a day of change.  God loves us each and everyone!

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