Enjoying my day…not doing what needs to be done

Today is my first day off that I really get to do nothing and enjoy the day off…regardless of the fact that I need desperately to clean my house and do laundry, I’m enjoying the quite day and the fact that I can just relax and be.

I’ve started a part time part time job.  You ask how you can have that…well it happens when you go somewhere for 30 minutes a night and only make about $10 a week, if that.  But I’m learning things that will help me in the future if I do end up passing all my test and becoming a nurse.

I’m slowing succeeding at the whole forty days of consecration, I may not have succeeded perfectly to this point…but it’s the fact that I will succeed during this time that our church has set aside, each day may be a new day and I may have to start over…but in the end I WILL SUCCEED, and I will be the person that I want to be and one that God can use for his purpose.

Cannot put into words what I was trying to say at the end here…so I edited it out until later…I have that right. :)


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