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“In Jesus Name”

I said these words today, several times actually, as a lady drove slowly by my house and paused…wrote down the number from the sign in my front yard, and then turned the corner and checked the house from another angle.  I’ve had my house on the market for several months, and this is the second time around for me.  I understand that the market is slow and we are in a semi-depression, and yadda-yadda.  I get all that.  But I also get that God will take care of me.  I am trying to make some changes in my life, and do some things that would work out a lot better if I did not have to make a house payment.  If I was able to just pay rent somewhere, I would even be tempted to rent a room only for like $50, to be able to go in the footsteps that I’ve started on this past month.  So I say, ‘In Jesus Name’.  He sees the individuals that drove by, He understands the need for me to sell the house He gave me (not that I’m tired of it, or don’t love it…because I do); but He knows the needs in my life right now.  So today, as I pulled into the garage from work, I said ‘In Jesus Name’…and I say it again tonight as I lay down to rest.  Let Your will be done.