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August 21, 2009

Time is flying by…it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year and I was making plans to go to Ireland.  So much has happened in the span of seven months that it seems like a lifetime, yet as if it was just yesterday.  I’m not sure if everyone feels like that or if it’s just me…they do say though that when you get older time goes faster.  I’m going to hate to see what it’s like in a couple of more years, I won’t have ‘years’ it will be like ‘weeks’ instead.

We have four months until my friend’s wedding.  I have yet to buy my dress and shoes…but hey, I have the shaw and that can work for an ‘outfit’…right?  It may be a little chilly without the rest of it, but I would def. be making a statement (thought it may not be a good one)…better work on those crunches and squats a little more.

I’ve started a new venture this month…I’ve went back to school.  YIKES!!  I was a little scared at first, but I’m liking it and I hope that everything works out so that I can get everything done in a timely fashion.  I’m going to test for the RN program at TRCC…it’s a two year program, so I would be a nurse somewhere in 2012.  Sounds like a longtime off, but as I said up above, as fast as the years are going by that will be a drop in the bucket.  I’m excited, and hope that my gag reflux can be tamed for when I have to deal with smelly people.

My brother and his family are still staying with me.  His youngest started kindergarten this year…so far he loves it and has even stated that he would like to move into the school so he can be there all the time.  Hopefully he keeps that love for school!!

Until later…my bed is calling my name and I have work tomorrow.