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July 1, 2009

My family lost a very good friend this past week.  Twyla McCollumn.  She went into the hospital with pneumonia and ended up passing away, Saturday June 27.  It makes one stop and take stock of how mortal we really are.  I have to admit that I don’t think in terms of never coming home one night, or not being able to see my friends and family again because something random happens (it brings back the fall of 1999 when my uncle passed away).  But when you go awhile without it being close (you know people pass away every day), you forget or get comfortable with life and live it like you have all the time in the world.

Our Bishop preached this past Sunday morning about having our ‘heart’ involved in our relationship with God.  And that if our heart was involved then we would follow Him, obey his commandments, and do it willingly and without question because from the heart the mouth speaketh.  If we just have head religion then our feelings are not involved and it’s easier to go our own way.  He did an awesome job, and it makes one take stock of their walk with God.  I personally have problems trusting people, and to rely on someone else.  I know this is terrible, but it’s easier to not involve the heart.  I know that God would never break my heart and He loved me enough to die for me…but that is head knowledge.  I’m ready for it to be heart knowledge.  To truly let all obstacles lay by the wayside, and to be open to whatever may come (or be)…I know that there is something awesome out there, He’s just waiting on me to step over the ledge trusting Him to be there.

As to other things in my ‘new beginnings’ post from last month (you can see it below).  Well, I didn’t exercise every day, but I didn’t gain any weight either. WOOT!!!  At the rate I was regaining my weight, I could see me being the size of the Good Year Blimp by Christmas, and I would need a tent for my friends wedding rather than the awesome dress she has picked out.  I’m striving to keep the course, and to continue losing the weight back off again, we only have 8 lbs to go. :)

I’ve reconnected with some friends from college through facebook, and it’s great to get to talk to them and share ‘life’.  We have all been through some paths that we didn’t see coming when we were in college with our whole life ahead of us.  But it’s good.  They remind me of the dreams I had, along with what ‘can’ be.

That about sums is up for now.  I hope that anyone that reads this has a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!  Be safe, and enjoy some fireworks and time with family.