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Random thoughts…

Sometimes there is no ‘one’ thing that causes one to sit down and write.  Though a lot has happened and continues to happen in life, the point is that it just ‘happenes’ and you don’t make a note to self to sit down and share it.  So this post is going to be a bunch of random things that have happened lately…

My birthday.  I turned 32 on April 19.  Did I picture myself where I am today when I was envisioning my life as a youngster…not really.  I have a fuzzy picture of what I saw myself as, but I’m pretty sure that it didn’t include what is going on now.  For my birthday my mom cooked me lunch, I spent most of it in church (since it fell on a Sunday), and then I had dinner with a friend(s).  Overall it was a nice birthday…and I rang in another year.

Drive by shootings.  My Grandma Foster’s house was shot.  If she had been standing up beside her chair, rather than sitting in it, the bullet would have caught her right between the eyes.  We thought that it was some crazy kids that was shooting at the road sign in the ditch beside her house…but come to find out it was some STUPID kids that was shooting AT the house for kicks.  I’m not sure what all has happened yet, but last I heard a week after the incident the sheriff’s department was yet to write a report about it, and we’re waiting on that in order to get the insurance money to fix all the holes in the walls…the bullet went through three walls.

Church exchange.  We did a church exchange with a church here in town where they came to our church and their pastor preached and we did praise and worship; then we went to their church and our pastor preached and they did the praise and worship.  Last night was our night to attend their church.  It was an awesome time.  Chuck preached on ‘The Withered Hand’, and about how we compensate for what we don’t have in demonstrations of God’s power…but it’s time to stretch forth our hand.  It was a great sermon and the service was really good…it was fun getting to see everyone and worship together.

The blahs.  Sometimes I get the blahs.  This week I’m battling them, and I’ve decided in my mind that I’m going to kick them in the butt by exercising them away.  I may end up skinny but what harm is that…I always feel better after exercise.

My water heater.  My dad came and replaced the element in my hot water heater tonight (thanks dad!!).  I was getting the joy of occasionally going out and hitting the reset button on the water heater to have hot water, or waking up late and having to boil water because it was not working properly.  But now I will have the convenience of just having hot water…we really take it for granted sometimes.

God is awesome!!  I’m thanking for His love and mercy.  He is better to me than I deserve, and I love Him…though my actions may not always show that I do, I am working on being what He wants me to be…and He is still working on me.

That’s all for now…hope you all have a wonderful night/day/week.

Until later…ERM.

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