Ireland Day Seven — Coming home

We said our goodbyes to the kids last night, so this morning we only saw Riley as we headed out at the break of day to the airport.  Our flight out was at 8:40, but we had to be there earlier to get through customs and such.  Side note:  I will be able to unpack and undress in under five minutes from here one out. :)  We had to unload everything that was electronic (computer, video camera, camera, etc) out of our bags; tack our shoes off, and I had to take my jacket/hoodie off…and be fast enough so that the people behind you did cut in line (though they did sometimes) and then be able to reassemble all items in a timely fashion on the other side of the gate so that you don’t hold up traffic.  Coming into London, we got to go through this process twice…which was great fun.

Anyway…we made it to the airport, said our final goodbyes and started our trip home.  We made it to London with time to spare, then caught our flight to Phily.  We landed with just under an hour and forty-five minutes to spare to make it through customs, collect our bags, and make our connection to St. Louis.  They made us ‘hover’ for 30 minutes out in no-man’s land.  When we landed, I turned my cell phone on and called my home number to find out that we had a ‘delay’ for our connection that would last 110 minutes.  Instead of rushing, we were able to take our time, and we went to wait.

I spent $8.50 on a little box of fruit and a Snapple…the place didn’t have the correct price tags in front of the food…and I didn’t want to hold up the line.  We tried sleeping…because our plan had an additional delay.  We were supposed to take off at 6:55…we ended up leaving Phily at 10:30 (when we were to arrive in STL originally).  The flight was uneventful, we arrived at STL and headed home. 

ALL my luggage arrived with us this time…I was super excited about that.

We arrived back home at 4:30 am…making it about 27 hours that we had been up total, with little cap naps on the plane and in the waiting areas.  It was a CRAZY day!!!

I was very excited about getting to sleep in my own bed (for the three hours I had before heading to work), with a ‘real’ pillow.

Until later..ERM

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