Ireland Day Four – Monday, March 23

Before I get into what we actually did today, some things that I’ve found or experienced and forgot to mention are the following:

In Portadown on Saturday, we found a Love Olive store.  We of course all enjoy olives, or as the store name goes ‘love’ olives.  So we went in and bought a container full, that we picked out ourselves, and had them eaten practically before dinner was cooked, and we finished them off with dinner.  They were very good.

Today we went to Tollymore Forest.  We walked for about two hours (into and out of the forest), and it was beautiful.  Everything was so green, the river that was running through the forest was bubbly and had several little water falls.  I wiped out on some mossey rock, taking Simeon down with me.  I know have a purple and black knee…but hey, we’re alive.  Peyt wiped out and slid down a rock face into the creek…she was a little cold after that adventure.

After leaving Tollymore, we drove to Newcastle then to Kilkeel.  We walked around in Newcastle some until it started raining and getting really cold, then we drove along the coast to KilKeel to see if we could see seals in the harbor at the fishing docks.  It was a gorgeous ride, you cannot really explain in words and the pictures do not do it justice.

We saw a double rainbow at one time, when the rain broke and the sun decided to shine for awhile.  One end of it hit the water and spread out over the ocean, it was really cool.

The weather cooperated with us while we were at the Forest…but after that it turned very cold and the wind was CRAZY…but it was a good day.  I have two more days before coming home…(sad face).

So many things are going on right now…and I know and trust that God will lead me and I hope that I make all the correct decisions and things go according to His plan and not my own.  God is awesome!!!

I uploaded some new pics from our trip today.  Sorry that you have to go through all the old ones first, but I already started it a certain way and my OCD will freak a little if I change at this time.  So just skip to the ones you haven’t seen. :)


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