Ireland ’09 – Getting There and Day One

Actually this is a whole day of travel actually…22 hours from start to land.  A landing that didn’t turn out exactly how I had envisioned.  One of my bags didn’t make it, (sad face), and my family was not standing on the other side of the wall when Seneatha and I rounded the corner, with open arms and smiles.  Instead, no one was there and Seneatha and I were wondering where the communication broke down because we had no way of communicating to them.  They showed up!!!!  But that is jumping the gun…the story starts in Doniphan.

I worked Thursday morning, I had to sit and make myself concentrate and work.  I left at noon, and hooked up with my cousin and travel companion and headed for STL to catch our plane.  We were almost to the north end of PB when I started hearing a sound from my car, I thought I had a flat tire.  Come to find out it was a piece of my undercarriage that had fallen off and was dragging along the road and rubbing the tire.  So I pulled into Larry Hillis and had them cut the piece off and continued on my way.  When I got to STL, I missed my turn off for the parking spot that I wanted so we had to do a ’round about’ — MO Def = round about way to get there.  Finally got the car parked and headed into the terminal. 

Caught our flight to Phily.  Never arrive at Phily after 10:00 pm, nothing is open.  So if you’re hungry or thirsty you’re out of luck.  Our plane was one of the dirtiest ones I’ve ridden on.  We made it to Phily, to wait for our connection to London.  It wasn’t that long, and then we boarded for our 6 1/2 hour flight into London.  I took some NyQuil tabs, put the best thing I’ve ever spent $8 on (sleep pretty in pink sleep mask).  It was very comfortable, and worked in keeping the light out.  I slept really well, and woke up in London.  To proceed through customs were they practically asked me what color my underwear was, before allowing me through.  Then we slept on the benches by our gate, after grabbing a bite to eat.  Then we caught our flight into Ireland (Belfast).

After we deplaned and waited by the luggage carousel, I realized one of mine didn’t make it.  We sat around and waited, and waited, and then gave up hope.  We went to the luggage desk, and put in my request to have it delivered to my house (or my brothers).

We made it out of the luggage claim, walked around the corner expecting smiling faces of family that I haven’t seen in six months…to nothing.  They were not there.  I had no way to contact them, I hoped they remembered that it was the ‘city’ airport and not the international one.  We stood around, Seneatha went out two different doors to look and see if they were there.  Nothing.  All of a sudden out of nowhere, little arms cam flying around my waist, and I received a hug.  Then I was surrounded by my family.  IT WAS AWESOME!!! 

All in all it was a great trip.  We did some round abouts (the MO kind, and the Ireland kind) with my brother…who’s GPS kept recalculating.  We stopped at a shopping center and grabbed some food and then went to the March Gang’s house. 

The smell is amazing…very much like home after they fertilize the fields.  I took a picture where it says Fresh Air, Fresh Fields.  It is definitely ‘fresh’ air and ‘fresh’ fields.

This wraps it up for the first day (or two, depending on how you look at it).

Here’s a link to the pictures so far…I’ll be updating them as we go along. :)

Until later…ERM

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