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The MO Capitol and Gigging

I’ve had a full week this week, but it’s been good.  Tuesday I was off work and went to Jefferson City, MO (our capitol).  I’m accustomed to going to St. Louis where everything is at least four lane, more than likely eight, going into the city.  The ability to pass slow moving vehicles is a given, not to mention the fact that there’s something open past 6:00 pm.  Not so much going to Jeff City.  It’s a nice two lane road that winds up through the hills, not a single thing open for miles then out in the middle of nowhere there’s a gas station.  On the way up I had to travel behind a FedEx Ground truck, which wasn’t bad just slowed me down some.  On the way home, a Turkey truck…yes folks, you read that right. I followed a ver large truck that was carrying a bunch of white turkeys.  I was pelted with feathers among other things.  At the first opportunity I quickly passed the truck…but that was after following it for a good 30 minutes or more. 

Though the roads were a little less than expected, the city itself was very nice.  I have only been there one other time and it was with a group of kids that went to the Capitol Building about 13-14 years ago.  I have never went to enjoy the city.  The downtown portion of it is really cool, and very beautiful.  I was impressed.  I met a friend for dinner at a little Cafe called the Daily Grind (a little coffee/Internet cafe style thing); kicked back and had a good time.  Not to mention that the food was awesome.  It was great getting to see my friend and getting to try to figure out the why, when, where, and what of life.  And to have a great day.

Now for gigging…which I did tonight!!!  It was AWESOME!!!  I love gigging.  Yes, you freeze to death.  Your hands and feet get cold, not to mention the nose and cheeks.  But it’s so fun.  Tonight we took the youth pastor from our church, Kevin.  It was his first time to go, and it was a blast teaching him how to gig.  He was totally psyched!!!  He loved it and became addicted to it too.  He was wanting to gig everything…some things cannot so much be gigged.  I laughed a lot, and had a great time…and now we have a new gigging partner.  And to make it worth the trip, we each gigged a fish.  Ah, the joys of small town living.

Until next time…ERM

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