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Keeping up with the Jones’

Tonight is two for one night…the more I sit around the house and think (while waiting for my friend to call with definite plans for tonight), the more my mind ponders certain aspects of life and sayings we come across.

We all hear the saying ‘Keeping up with the Jones’, this is usually when someone we know or are in contact with just ‘has to have’ what someone else has had or is getting.  They try to stay one step ahead, or if they get passed they do what they can to get caught up regardless of the cost (whether it be monetary, emotional, or spiritual)…sometimes it doesn’t matter.

There has been situations in my life and I have almost come to the conclusion that the reason why it happened was the person was trying to keep up with the Jones’.  There was something that they had had in their life that they realized someone else had experienced many years before, or been a part of in the past, so in order to ‘catch up’ or get a step ahead (and even though they had everything a person could ask for); they took what the Jones’ had.  They worked their games and played on the situation until they got what they wanted to be equal to, and a step ahead of the other people.  It didn’t cost anything monetarily, but emotionally it cleaned the bank out.  It cost more than they expected, and the account is in the negative.  They couldn’t be satisfied with what they had, and now they are proud of where they are and the fact that they got ahead.  They proudly state that they accomplished what they set out for.

When we sit down when life is over will it really be worth the cost of keeping up with the Jones’?  Was it worth the cost to accomplish or follow through with what we thought we wanted at that point in time?

I can say this at this point in time…the only person I want to strive to be like is God.  I want His heart.  To be like David, a man after God’s own heart.

One day the why’s and how-comes will make sense…but until then life goes on.

Until later…ERM

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