…and there was light

I experienced something this past week that I have never had the opportunity to experience, and according the all the ‘old timers’ around town that have stopped in the Pharm this week they are hard pressed to remember when they last experienced this phenomenon.  I’m pretty sure that I saw a Woolly Mammoth and a Saber Tooth Tiger roaming around town mid-week.

It was amazing.  It started Monday night with some ice and sleet, then it continued on Tuesday with a little more ice throughout the day and by Tuesday night it was CRAZY!!!  By 10:00 pm on Tuesday the majority of my city was without power and those that did have it, were quickly diminishing in numbers.  Trees and tree limbs were falling all around town, you could hear them crashing down.  You could also tell when they hit something other than the ground.

I personally was without power until Thursday.  I was blessed to have a gas range, though the oven didn’t work the burners did, so I could dispel the chill out of the house and then sleep under lots and lots of blankets to stay warm through out the night.  I heated water for sponge baths, and read by candle light.  I also caught up on my sleep, reading by headlamp or candle light is good for only so long!! :)  A lot of people had nothing, they were efficient when building their homes and put all electric appliances and heating in.  Some were able to get generators.  We had a total outage on Thursday afternoon…everyone in Ripley County lost electric (even those who had it throughout the whole week).  It was a very eerie thing to have no light anywhere.

Some funny and one in a million things that happened during this time of ice are:  Funny — while walking into work on Tuesday I hit a slick spot and ended up dumpling a whole cup of cereal/milk on my head.  It was either that or fall, it was rather nasty having milk run through my hair and down my face…but we all got a laugh out of it.  One in a million — my friend had a cedar tree fall on his car while he was driving down the road.  Luckily it waited until the front part of the car was past and it landed on the back half and busted the back glass out.

It was very quiet on Wednesday and everything was white.  It seemed that even the air was white.  It has since warmed up a little and the trees are clear of the ice and the ground is starting to show through some.  The roads are drivable.  We were blessed!!  Though there was a lot of trees that were lost, I personally haven’t heard about any other major damage that occurred during this time.  Today it was beautiful…warm weather.

Here’s a link to some pictures I took:  Jan ’09 Ice Storm.

Take care…ERM

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