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…and there was light

I experienced something this past week that I have never had the opportunity to experience, and according the all the ‘old timers’ around town that have stopped in the Pharm this week they are hard pressed to remember when they last experienced this phenomenon.  I’m pretty sure that I saw a Woolly Mammoth and a Saber Tooth Tiger roaming around town mid-week.

It was amazing.  It started Monday night with some ice and sleet, then it continued on Tuesday with a little more ice throughout the day and by Tuesday night it was CRAZY!!!  By 10:00 pm on Tuesday the majority of my city was without power and those that did have it, were quickly diminishing in numbers.  Trees and tree limbs were falling all around town, you could hear them crashing down.  You could also tell when they hit something other than the ground.

I personally was without power until Thursday.  I was blessed to have a gas range, though the oven didn’t work the burners did, so I could dispel the chill out of the house and then sleep under lots and lots of blankets to stay warm through out the night.  I heated water for sponge baths, and read by candle light.  I also caught up on my sleep, reading by headlamp or candle light is good for only so long!! :)  A lot of people had nothing, they were efficient when building their homes and put all electric appliances and heating in.  Some were able to get generators.  We had a total outage on Thursday afternoon…everyone in Ripley County lost electric (even those who had it throughout the whole week).  It was a very eerie thing to have no light anywhere.

Some funny and one in a million things that happened during this time of ice are:  Funny — while walking into work on Tuesday I hit a slick spot and ended up dumpling a whole cup of cereal/milk on my head.  It was either that or fall, it was rather nasty having milk run through my hair and down my face…but we all got a laugh out of it.  One in a million — my friend had a cedar tree fall on his car while he was driving down the road.  Luckily it waited until the front part of the car was past and it landed on the back half and busted the back glass out.

It was very quiet on Wednesday and everything was white.  It seemed that even the air was white.  It has since warmed up a little and the trees are clear of the ice and the ground is starting to show through some.  The roads are drivable.  We were blessed!!  Though there was a lot of trees that were lost, I personally haven’t heard about any other major damage that occurred during this time.  Today it was beautiful…warm weather.

Here’s a link to some pictures I took:  Jan ’09 Ice Storm.

Take care…ERM

Keeping up with the Jones’

Tonight is two for one night…the more I sit around the house and think (while waiting for my friend to call with definite plans for tonight), the more my mind ponders certain aspects of life and sayings we come across.

We all hear the saying ‘Keeping up with the Jones’, this is usually when someone we know or are in contact with just ‘has to have’ what someone else has had or is getting.  They try to stay one step ahead, or if they get passed they do what they can to get caught up regardless of the cost (whether it be monetary, emotional, or spiritual)…sometimes it doesn’t matter.

There has been situations in my life and I have almost come to the conclusion that the reason why it happened was the person was trying to keep up with the Jones’.  There was something that they had had in their life that they realized someone else had experienced many years before, or been a part of in the past, so in order to ‘catch up’ or get a step ahead (and even though they had everything a person could ask for); they took what the Jones’ had.  They worked their games and played on the situation until they got what they wanted to be equal to, and a step ahead of the other people.  It didn’t cost anything monetarily, but emotionally it cleaned the bank out.  It cost more than they expected, and the account is in the negative.  They couldn’t be satisfied with what they had, and now they are proud of where they are and the fact that they got ahead.  They proudly state that they accomplished what they set out for.

When we sit down when life is over will it really be worth the cost of keeping up with the Jones’?  Was it worth the cost to accomplish or follow through with what we thought we wanted at that point in time?

I can say this at this point in time…the only person I want to strive to be like is God.  I want His heart.  To be like David, a man after God’s own heart.

One day the why’s and how-comes will make sense…but until then life goes on.

Until later…ERM

January 20, 2009

I can’t believe that January is already half over, we’re well on our way to being into the year 2009.  Some people didn’t think that we would see it, or if we did that we would be flying around in little bubble cars or living on the moon.  It’s amazing sometimes how reality and the perception of reality differ.  I have two living great grandparents (both grandmothers), one is 96 and the other is 93…they’ve seen a lot and went through a lot over the past decade.  Today in America we swore in our first African American President.  Some people didn’t think they would ever see the day, but it’s here.  And though it’s happened we still have the people out there yelling and screaming about equality and how the fight for freedoms is not over and we still have to strive to reach equality for all.  What they don’t see though is that the whites are now the minority, and if we try to do anything about being treated unfairly in situations…they scream racism and it gets put down because it’s a white man fighting for his rights.  But its the same in other aspects of life as well.  I work in a pharmacy, where we deal with a lot of Medicare and Medicaid patients.  The system is abused by a lot of people, but then those that actually need the help and the insurance is unable to get it.  Our world is a crazy place.  Hopefully we survive the CHANGE that has been said to be coming with the new leadership in our Nation.  May God bless and keep America!

There is so much yet not that much stuff going on in my life right now.  I’m taking a day at a time and trying to figure out where and what I need to be doing.  I talked to a friend back the first of the month and the question he posed to me was ‘how do we live now as the Apostle Paul did’.  He went throughout the land teaching and preaching and reaching out to people all around…what is required or how can we live and live as he did.  What can we do so that we are doing everything’ we can be for God.  Do I fall short…most definitely!!  I know I’m not doing all I could or should be doing…but what steps do I take to get there?  Do I take on more responsibility, or will that just weigh me down from doing what I should be…and what exactly is the ‘should be’?  I’ve had to take stock of my life a lot over the past month and a-half…I do know that I want more and desire to be more, but now it’s just time to figure out the how.

Enough ramblings for today…I need to eat some supper and figure out what I’m doing with myself the rest of the evening.

The MO Capitol and Gigging

I’ve had a full week this week, but it’s been good.  Tuesday I was off work and went to Jefferson City, MO (our capitol).  I’m accustomed to going to St. Louis where everything is at least four lane, more than likely eight, going into the city.  The ability to pass slow moving vehicles is a given, not to mention the fact that there’s something open past 6:00 pm.  Not so much going to Jeff City.  It’s a nice two lane road that winds up through the hills, not a single thing open for miles then out in the middle of nowhere there’s a gas station.  On the way up I had to travel behind a FedEx Ground truck, which wasn’t bad just slowed me down some.  On the way home, a Turkey truck…yes folks, you read that right. I followed a ver large truck that was carrying a bunch of white turkeys.  I was pelted with feathers among other things.  At the first opportunity I quickly passed the truck…but that was after following it for a good 30 minutes or more. 

Though the roads were a little less than expected, the city itself was very nice.  I have only been there one other time and it was with a group of kids that went to the Capitol Building about 13-14 years ago.  I have never went to enjoy the city.  The downtown portion of it is really cool, and very beautiful.  I was impressed.  I met a friend for dinner at a little Cafe called the Daily Grind (a little coffee/Internet cafe style thing); kicked back and had a good time.  Not to mention that the food was awesome.  It was great getting to see my friend and getting to try to figure out the why, when, where, and what of life.  And to have a great day.

Now for gigging…which I did tonight!!!  It was AWESOME!!!  I love gigging.  Yes, you freeze to death.  Your hands and feet get cold, not to mention the nose and cheeks.  But it’s so fun.  Tonight we took the youth pastor from our church, Kevin.  It was his first time to go, and it was a blast teaching him how to gig.  He was totally psyched!!!  He loved it and became addicted to it too.  He was wanting to gig everything…some things cannot so much be gigged.  I laughed a lot, and had a great time…and now we have a new gigging partner.  And to make it worth the trip, we each gigged a fish.  Ah, the joys of small town living.

Until next time…ERM