Thank God for Sunday’s

Sunday starts a new week, and hopefully it goes better than this past one I have had.  Though if it goes any worse, not sure what could happen…but it would definitely be interesting.

This week started off with robbers hitting my house.  BUT I got the majority of my stuff back, which most people do not.  I am BLESSED.

Tuesday, we had crazies at work, the cops came over because they were unruly (the police station is across the road), they eventually left and we all got back to work.

Thursday…did some house cleaning — personally. 

Friday, got the rest of my ex-roommates stuff out of my house and dropped it off at her office.  Also sent some paperwork off in the mail concerning a possible next step.

Saturday.  Went to PB for a Christmas party at Clay’s house.  Locked myself out of my car, spent an hour in the Urgent Care with my friend and her son (he had an allergic reaction to something at the party and his eyes were starting to swell shut and he had massive welpy hives all over his body).  My friend (Clay’s) grandmother passed away this morning so the party was not as festive as it could have been.

Through it all I’ve been blessed.  I know that God loves me and even if next week is crazier than this week, He’ll be there.  And we get to celebrate His birthday.

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