Drat that Deer…Yeah for Locksmith’s

K, about two months ago I hit a deer with my car.  Well, actually the deer was committing hairy-carey and came running full melt out of a field right into the front bumper of my vehicle and I kinda just ran over him.  Well, in the process of me doing this, my car had to go in for repair and the hidden key I have hidden (of course) on my car was removed because the container holding the key was busted up.  I have yet, until tonight, purchased a new container.  So here’s a funny story about today.

I went to PB for a party, and since I was going to be in town I went over early to do some shopping and to pay a bill for my dad at the lumber shed.  I pull up to the lumber shed, take my keys out of my ignition, put them in my purse.  I then proceed to pull my checkbook with my dad’s check out of my purse and throw my purse into the floorboard.  I then step out of my car and lock the doors.  My car dings about three times before the doors actually lock.  Ding, Ding, (pat the pockets looking for keys), Ding, (grab handle and yank…to LATE).  After my week I felt like screaming or crying didn’t know which…because due to my deer accident I knew I couldn’t get into my car…and all my family are currently in Ireland.

I proceed into the lumber shed, tell them I locked myself out of my car (and they all knew who I was…it was kind of nice to walk in somewhere and everyone is like, ‘Hello, Ms. March’), but that I would like to pay my dad’s bill until we could figure something out — though one of the guys went for a hammer and said ‘here we go’.  After paying the bill I went back toward the front and my favorite worker of all, Radar, was there.  We exchanged pleasantries and I proceeded to tell him that I was an idiot and I locked myself out of my car.  We stepped outside to look at the locked car, he asked if a family member could bring me a key or something, I explained that they were all in Ireland…and low and behold a locksmith pulled into the yard to pick up some lumber.  Radar, said I was lucky, he went and got the tools out of the locksmith’s vehicle for me (usually you have to wait hours for them to arrive); and he tried getting in.  The locksmith came back around after getting his stuff, told Radar he was getting rusty, took the tools and walked around the car and opened my door on the first try.  YEAH FOR LOCKSMITHS!!!  The best thing is HE DIDNT CHARGE ME!!!

So, God was watching out for me today.  He had people there to help me when I needed them.  I also bought a new holder to put my key back on the outside of my car.  Drat the deer…but YEAH for Locksmith’s.

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