And the Robbers Came

I had a disconcerting evening last night.  I got home from work, checked my email, and then headed out to try and get some video transferred over so I could send a disk with my parents to my brother of our CAOH play.  When I got back home, about an hour later, I started laundry and tried to get online to do some stuff…my modem wasn’t registering.  I went upstairs to check my modem and my office had been destroyed.  All the desk drawers had been dumped in the floor, I had a bag of pens/colored pencils that were dumped and strung everywhere, and not only was my modem not working…it was gone.  I called my dad then the police.  The police came and took pictures and figured out how the perps got in the house in the first place (though my new back doors, note to everyone that reads this…make sure if you have french doors that the one without the handle is latched securely, because if not they push open and will pop the locks and anyone can walk in).

My digital camera, a coin collection from all the different countries I’ve been in, a silver dollar, and my DSL modem are all that I know of that is missing.  The cops recovered some of the coins and the camera bag…nothing else.  I cannot get anything back until after the case goes to trial.  My neighbor called and told the cops that if something was missing he knew who did it…the crazy perps had cased his house out earlier under the guise of using the restroom.  So the cops went to the repeat offenders house…and found my stuff.

Things to be thankful for…

1.  They did not take my new laptop that was laying on the bed next to the dresser they took my digital camera off of.

2.  They took the DSL modem, if they hadn’t there is no telling when I would have went upstairs and realized that someone had been in my house and taken something

3.  I was not home, nor did I run into them while they were there taking my stuff

4.  The cops found them and hopefully they will not be able to do this to someone else.

As the Ishamite women said in the Bible…All is well.

**UPDATE:  The cops have recovered my stuff and I will be able to pick it up after work**

**UPDATE #2:  I had to take a picture at the police station with my stuff and a piece of paper with my name and case number on it…I felt like I was having a mug shot done.  I walked out with everything but the charger to my camera (sad face here) and two SD 1GB card that had pictures on them, and they wipped the card out that was in the camera (very sad face here).  But GOOD NEWS, the cops are able to solve some other roberies with these two guys and hopefully (Lord willings) someone else will be lucky BLESSED like I was and get something back that was taken from them.  God is awesome…and all is well.

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