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Christmas, St. Louis, and the New Year

Christmas.  This was one of the most unique Christmas’ that I’ve ever had.  Though there is the one where my dad’s family (22 members, at that time) all went to Branson for a weekend.  We stayed in a four bedroom cabin – packed to the gills – and went to Silver Dollar City to look at the wonderful white Christmas lights, that were hung all around.  After being bused to the place, from a cow field…that Christmas was a little different.  This year I was without immediate family, my brother moved to Ireland and my parents went to spend the Holiday’s there.  So I ended up going to my sister-in-law’s family gathering.  Which was good.  They knew what it felt like to have family ‘missing’ for the day, and they had already done all their present opening so we just ate…and had a good time. 

Friday, I was off work and took the day to get away.  Me and my cousin went to St. Louis to shop.   We were walking around the mall and found some really neat scarves, and the shop owner was talking it up how he would give us a deal if we bought two — Two for $10.00.  He would have thrown in a pair of gloves and yadda yadda.  We bought our scarves and continued on.  About half way around the mall, we walked into another store.  They also carried the great scarves that we just purchased…for $2.99.  We had a good laugh!!  I had a lot of fun, and it was nice to get away for the day.  We stopped and chatted with our Aunt that lives up there for about an hour or so.  We ate at Macaroni Grill…YUM!!!  Our uncle Bob came in, out of all the Grill’s in STL we picked the same one to have lunch.  Crazy!

Now we’re getting ready for New Year’s Eve/Day.  Tonight at church we will be having a Reflections service, where we look back over the past year and what God has done.  God is awesome!!!  As I said in my Christmas letter, I’m looking forward to what 2009 has to offer.

Happy New Year Everyone!!  May God keep and guide you throughout the year.


My Christmas letter

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope this letter finds everyone doing well, and that your Christmas was both wonderful and filled with family and/or friends.  I’m taking the easy way out this year by emailing, and due to the fact that my Christmas cards were taken from my house on December 15, during a small break-in, it made it a little more difficult to follow through with actually sending out my annual letter in a card.  This year has been very interesting and full of changes and I just want to say that I am very blessed and thankful for the true meaning of this season that God sent his son to earth.

My brother and sister-in-law moved to Ireland in September.  You can catch-up with them and see what’s been going on at The March Gang.  The beginning of the year was spent preparing and getting everything ready for them to move.  It was an interesting adjustment, but it’s awesome what they are getting to do.  And I will be able to travel there in March 2009 to visit, which I’m very excited about.

I tried selling my house this year, but with the economy doing what it did…it didn’t work out.  But God knows best sometimes, and I’m glad that I’m still living in my home.  I had a roommate for a couple of months, she moved out around the middle of this month.  The experience of a roommate after living alone for about six years was very interesting and eye opening, and proved that you never actually know someone until you get them under your roof.

We had our annual Christmas at Our House the first week of December.  We went nine nights this year, serving at least 350 a night and our largest group was 361.  It was a great year!

My parents went to Ireland for Christmas.  I was able to ‘watch’ my family open gifts via Skype, it was bright and early (4:00 am) but well worth it.  I then spent the Holiday with Tara’s family, which was fun and a great way to be with ‘family’ that understood the fact that mine was in Ireland.  The rest of the day was spent catching up on movies and some book reading.  It was a great Holiday!

Throughout this year, as stated above, many changes have taken place.  But throughout it all, God has been there.  He has been my strength, my solace, and my peace.  Regardless of the fact that we sometimes lose sight of Him and do our own thing, He still loves us.  This time of year is a time to sit back and reflect on the gift that was given to us in the form of a baby.  He became the lamb that would take our sins and die for us.

It has been a very different year and I am looking forward to what 2009 has to offer.

May God bless each and everyone of you this Holiday Season.


Drat that Deer…Yeah for Locksmith’s

K, about two months ago I hit a deer with my car.  Well, actually the deer was committing hairy-carey and came running full melt out of a field right into the front bumper of my vehicle and I kinda just ran over him.  Well, in the process of me doing this, my car had to go in for repair and the hidden key I have hidden (of course) on my car was removed because the container holding the key was busted up.  I have yet, until tonight, purchased a new container.  So here’s a funny story about today.

I went to PB for a party, and since I was going to be in town I went over early to do some shopping and to pay a bill for my dad at the lumber shed.  I pull up to the lumber shed, take my keys out of my ignition, put them in my purse.  I then proceed to pull my checkbook with my dad’s check out of my purse and throw my purse into the floorboard.  I then step out of my car and lock the doors.  My car dings about three times before the doors actually lock.  Ding, Ding, (pat the pockets looking for keys), Ding, (grab handle and yank…to LATE).  After my week I felt like screaming or crying didn’t know which…because due to my deer accident I knew I couldn’t get into my car…and all my family are currently in Ireland.

I proceed into the lumber shed, tell them I locked myself out of my car (and they all knew who I was…it was kind of nice to walk in somewhere and everyone is like, ‘Hello, Ms. March’), but that I would like to pay my dad’s bill until we could figure something out — though one of the guys went for a hammer and said ‘here we go’.  After paying the bill I went back toward the front and my favorite worker of all, Radar, was there.  We exchanged pleasantries and I proceeded to tell him that I was an idiot and I locked myself out of my car.  We stepped outside to look at the locked car, he asked if a family member could bring me a key or something, I explained that they were all in Ireland…and low and behold a locksmith pulled into the yard to pick up some lumber.  Radar, said I was lucky, he went and got the tools out of the locksmith’s vehicle for me (usually you have to wait hours for them to arrive); and he tried getting in.  The locksmith came back around after getting his stuff, told Radar he was getting rusty, took the tools and walked around the car and opened my door on the first try.  YEAH FOR LOCKSMITHS!!!  The best thing is HE DIDNT CHARGE ME!!!

So, God was watching out for me today.  He had people there to help me when I needed them.  I also bought a new holder to put my key back on the outside of my car.  Drat the deer…but YEAH for Locksmith’s.

Thank God for Sunday’s

Sunday starts a new week, and hopefully it goes better than this past one I have had.  Though if it goes any worse, not sure what could happen…but it would definitely be interesting.

This week started off with robbers hitting my house.  BUT I got the majority of my stuff back, which most people do not.  I am BLESSED.

Tuesday, we had crazies at work, the cops came over because they were unruly (the police station is across the road), they eventually left and we all got back to work.

Thursday…did some house cleaning — personally. 

Friday, got the rest of my ex-roommates stuff out of my house and dropped it off at her office.  Also sent some paperwork off in the mail concerning a possible next step.

Saturday.  Went to PB for a Christmas party at Clay’s house.  Locked myself out of my car, spent an hour in the Urgent Care with my friend and her son (he had an allergic reaction to something at the party and his eyes were starting to swell shut and he had massive welpy hives all over his body).  My friend (Clay’s) grandmother passed away this morning so the party was not as festive as it could have been.

Through it all I’ve been blessed.  I know that God loves me and even if next week is crazier than this week, He’ll be there.  And we get to celebrate His birthday.

And the Robbers Came

I had a disconcerting evening last night.  I got home from work, checked my email, and then headed out to try and get some video transferred over so I could send a disk with my parents to my brother of our CAOH play.  When I got back home, about an hour later, I started laundry and tried to get online to do some stuff…my modem wasn’t registering.  I went upstairs to check my modem and my office had been destroyed.  All the desk drawers had been dumped in the floor, I had a bag of pens/colored pencils that were dumped and strung everywhere, and not only was my modem not working…it was gone.  I called my dad then the police.  The police came and took pictures and figured out how the perps got in the house in the first place (though my new back doors, note to everyone that reads this…make sure if you have french doors that the one without the handle is latched securely, because if not they push open and will pop the locks and anyone can walk in).

My digital camera, a coin collection from all the different countries I’ve been in, a silver dollar, and my DSL modem are all that I know of that is missing.  The cops recovered some of the coins and the camera bag…nothing else.  I cannot get anything back until after the case goes to trial.  My neighbor called and told the cops that if something was missing he knew who did it…the crazy perps had cased his house out earlier under the guise of using the restroom.  So the cops went to the repeat offenders house…and found my stuff.

Things to be thankful for…

1.  They did not take my new laptop that was laying on the bed next to the dresser they took my digital camera off of.

2.  They took the DSL modem, if they hadn’t there is no telling when I would have went upstairs and realized that someone had been in my house and taken something

3.  I was not home, nor did I run into them while they were there taking my stuff

4.  The cops found them and hopefully they will not be able to do this to someone else.

As the Ishamite women said in the Bible…All is well.

**UPDATE:  The cops have recovered my stuff and I will be able to pick it up after work**

**UPDATE #2:  I had to take a picture at the police station with my stuff and a piece of paper with my name and case number on it…I felt like I was having a mug shot done.  I walked out with everything but the charger to my camera (sad face here) and two SD 1GB card that had pictures on them, and they wipped the card out that was in the camera (very sad face here).  But GOOD NEWS, the cops are able to solve some other roberies with these two guys and hopefully (Lord willings) someone else will be lucky BLESSED like I was and get something back that was taken from them.  God is awesome…and all is well.

CAOH and other things…

Well I’m sitting here typing on my new laptop.  I like it and all, but I made a quick decision and I don’t know if I would had been happier with another Toshiba I was looking at or a Dell.  But alas, I have the one I have and we will deal with it. :)  I usually agonize over high dollar purchases, and take months to find what I want and look at everything…but I got my Christmas bonus from work, had my brother looking and he picked this one out.  So I bought it one night on a whim and quick decision.  The people I bought it from will not exchange it…unless something is wrong with it…not because I ‘just don’t like it’.  But oh well.. the keyboard is a little odd too, now that I’m using it.  Next time I will agonize a little longer…you live and learn.   But on the up side I also bought a video camera that I am very impressed with (also picked out by my brother) and I am getting some good footage of our CAOH that is going on this week.

You ask…what is CAOH.  It stands for Christmas at Our House, and it’s an annual dinner theater that our church does each December.  So far we have had about 340 plus each night, and we are going a total of nine nights this year.  It’s crazy!!  We have people from all over the place that come to it, and we also have about 200 plus left on a waiting list that want tickets but there is just no way that we can do it.  I believe that nine nights is pushing it…luckily I have today off and I have done nothing but lay in bed and read all day.  It’s been a blast though…it’s awesome getting to see so many people (many I know, some I don’t) and to give them a laugh and some time away (out) to kick off their Holiday Season.  We have two nights left (tonight and tomorrow).

My parents leave a week from yesterday for Ireland.  They are going over to spend the Holidays with my brother and his family (The March Gang).  I will be staying up really late Christmas Eve to ‘open gifts’ with the family via skype.  It will prove to be an interesting Christmas, then the rest of the day I will just kick back and sleep, watch movies, and probably clean house.  May go to Grandma’s and bum some Christmas dinner, or to my aunt’s.  I have options!  It will be a different Christmas, but I’m glad my parents are getting to go over and spend time with the grand-kids.

My roommate is moving out this weekend.  It’s been an interesting week, and a good two months, but sometimes things just don’t work out and are better off not to have happened.  And this has been one of the worst and best things to have happened to me.  That’s all that’s being said on that point.

I got some really cool new backdoor put in.  I have french doors in my kitchen and we had just regular windows in them and I had to put curtains up, with rods and yadda yadda.  It worked, but looked a little tacky maybe.  I love my new kitchen doors.  I helped my dad put them…nothing to make you appreciate something more than when you are the one that helps make it happen.  I’ll post a picture of them later.

Well, I need to go.  I need to shower and start facing my day…since it is already after noon.  I have to run some errands and start going through my kitchen stuff…to separate out everything and get her stuff ready to pack.  Then I’m off to church to help make dumplings and get another night of CAOH under our belt.

Until later…ERM