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Unexpected suprises…and other thoughts

We had an unexpected surprise the weekend of November 14, my brother who moved to Ireland came home for about five days.  He overtook my bedroom and had gunk strung everywhere..and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it.  It was awesome getting to see him.  Unfortunately I did not get to see my sister-in-law or the kids, which was a total bummer, but it was great getting to spend time with my brother.  He and Bro. Mac (the missionary there in Ireland) had to come stateside to handle some stuff with the container they are trying to get shipped over that has all their personal belongings in it.  So they repacked the container and got everything ready for it to ship and Riley got to come home for a few days.

My parents are leaving in about a month to go to Ireland for about two weeks.  They are going to spend the Holiday’s with Riley and his family (the grand-kids have a greater pull on them than I do); so I’m going to be going from house to house and celebrating Christmas with whoever will have me…which will be fine, more food. :)  Plus I get Christmas early, so I’m going to be having about a month of Christmas’…I still need to figure out what I’m buying the kids and everyone so I can ship it over.  Nothing like getting a package from home!!

Life is so crazy sometimes.  But if we keep going one step at a time and putting one foot in front of the other everything works out and it’s all good.

Christmas at Our House (a dinner theater that our church does each year) is going to be here in about two weeks.  It’s an awesome kick-off to the Holiday season and I’m excited about it and cannot wait for it to happen.  I’ll write later about it all.

Need to run….have things to get done then I’m headed over to a friends house for game night.


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