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Thanksgiving and Powered Parachutes

I would just like to say that I’m thankful for life in general, second chances, God’s grace/mercy, my family, and my church family.  We had a great service the other night for our Thanksgiving service, it was GRIPE night.  Pastor Chuck basically told us to gripe to each other throughout the first half of the service, then we took our gripes and said that we were thankful for them.  He admonished us to have a daily attitude of thanksgiving, instead of just setting aside one day a year for it; it should be our daily attitude, and that we should just have one day for gripping.  We would eventually realize that what we gripe about really isn’t worth it.  We are totally blessed and have so many blessings and opportunities, yet we’re still unthankful.  It’s time to take stock of our lives and be THANKFUL!  It was a great service.

I spent Thanksgiving at my Grandma Foster’s with the family.  After watching the Macy’s parade and lazing around all morning.  It was a nice day off and it was great getting to be with the family…though not everyone was there, we still had about seventeen people that ate dinner with us.

Powered Parachutes.  I have fallen in love with a new adventure!!  A friend of mine has purchased and has his license to fly a powered parachute, and some of us went out Thursday afternoon (after we all ate) and got to play around in it.  I thought that I would be unable to enjoy it because I don’t do well with open spaces up high (I’ve yet to ride to Colossal at Six Flags, it freaks me out), but I love to fly so I thought I would give it a chance.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!  My dad thinks that since I’ve been riding motorcycles and have gotten used to being basically out in the open while flying riding down the road that it made it easier for me to be 500 ft. up in the air flying around Doniphan.  Who knows, I’m just glad that I was able to do it, because to be that far up and looking around at the horizon and other stuff all around, it was amazing.  It felt kinda like riding a go-cart in the air with a major parachute on it that allowed us to float around.  We had minor turbulence like in a regular airplane, but nothing major, and it was well worth it.

Here’s a picture like the one we were flying around in:

Unexpected suprises…and other thoughts

We had an unexpected surprise the weekend of November 14, my brother who moved to Ireland came home for about five days.  He overtook my bedroom and had gunk strung everywhere..and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it.  It was awesome getting to see him.  Unfortunately I did not get to see my sister-in-law or the kids, which was a total bummer, but it was great getting to spend time with my brother.  He and Bro. Mac (the missionary there in Ireland) had to come stateside to handle some stuff with the container they are trying to get shipped over that has all their personal belongings in it.  So they repacked the container and got everything ready for it to ship and Riley got to come home for a few days.

My parents are leaving in about a month to go to Ireland for about two weeks.  They are going to spend the Holiday’s with Riley and his family (the grand-kids have a greater pull on them than I do); so I’m going to be going from house to house and celebrating Christmas with whoever will have me…which will be fine, more food. :)  Plus I get Christmas early, so I’m going to be having about a month of Christmas’…I still need to figure out what I’m buying the kids and everyone so I can ship it over.  Nothing like getting a package from home!!

Life is so crazy sometimes.  But if we keep going one step at a time and putting one foot in front of the other everything works out and it’s all good.

Christmas at Our House (a dinner theater that our church does each year) is going to be here in about two weeks.  It’s an awesome kick-off to the Holiday season and I’m excited about it and cannot wait for it to happen.  I’ll write later about it all.

Need to run….have things to get done then I’m headed over to a friends house for game night.


New President…new coat…life goes on

This past Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008; history was made in the United States of America when the first black president was elected (Barack Obama).  A lot of people voted for him because he is black, they wanted ‘change’; some voted for him because he was a Democrat and they are die hard Democrat so bless God, I’m voting for the Democrat; and some voted for him because they thought he had the best policies and ideas that our country needs at this point in time.  I personally voted for the one that held the same ideas and stood on a platform that parallels my own beliefs as far as life, love, and children (birth) and what they should be defined as.  Is it because I was raised in a small town and taken to church every Sunday and I read my Bible (not as much as I should, but I still believe it)?  Possibly.  But it’s still what I believe and hold dear.  Do I preach at those that believe different?  No, it’s not my place to ‘form’ others into what I think they should be.  That’s between themselves and God.  Anyway…America received their change.  I have no problem with the color of the presidents skin, who cares if he was purple.  I do not agree with all his ideas and the way he has voted in the past; nor to I believe that he should try to take away amendments of the American people or govern the way they use their freedom to bear arms.  It’s going to be a very interesting four years, and I see America going slowly to socialism, and with Congress being Democrat it will be easier for the President to pass what he likes…I just hope and pray that they keep the people in mind when making their new rules and laws.  And most importantly, everyone must remember that he is our President, our Commander in Chief, and God has placed him there at ‘such a time as this’ and we must pray for him as our leader.  And may God bless America!!!

I went shopping on Saturday with my mom, and I found a really cute coat (for only $35, at a outlet store)…I really, really like it.  It’s bright red!!  Here’s a pic of it:


Things here in Doniphan are going pretty good.  I purchased tickets the other day for my trip to Ireland in March (w00t!!); I’m totally psyched!  My cousin is going over with me…we’re going to have a BLAST! 

Last night I went to see Chonda Pierce with the women from work.  She was good, and funny…it was kinda long.  She was talking toward the end of the program about her time in rehab for clinical depression and that one of the things she brought away from it was that we must be true to ourselves and to others around us.  Especially as Christians.  She stated that we get really good at allowing our faces to lie for us, when we are dieing inside we put a happy face on and go about like everything is fine.  And that is very true, sometimes we don’t say what we want to say or we hide behind the word ‘fine’ and we go throughout our day to day activities without being true to ourselves or to God.  Then on Sunday morning at church we heard the same message about the ‘relationship’ with God and that he wants honesty.  He accepts us for who and what we are, but He wants us to be honest about who we are.  He’ll help us clean up our mess that we make of ourselves and of our lives…but He wants it to be an open relationship where we spend time with Him and tell Him ‘exactly’ what is going on.  It’s time to be true to ourselves!!

I’ve went on long enough….until later…


Skype and other non-essentials

This week has been a little crazy…I flew to Atlanta last Sunday and went to a training all day Monday to then turn around and fly home Monday night.  Flying somewhere is awesome, and when I make a decision of where I’m going to live for the rest of my days…when I finally grow up and figure out who and what I’m going to be…I’m going to hopefully live somewhere closer to an airport (instead of the two or three hour drive – depending on what airport we fly from – it takes to currently fly somewhere).  It was a great trip, I learned a lot in my training and it was nice to bum around the city for an evening.  This weekend was full of hayrides and bonfires…it was a good weekend, with some awesome weather.

I got my car fixed and was able to pick it up this past Thursday night.  The deer slaying did a little more damage than they originally thought and the bumper support was all bent out of shape and the body shop I took it to was a little afraid that they wouldn’t get the new bumper put back on the car.  But they succeed and did a great job…my car is back to normal but I’m still a little jumpy while driving or riding in vehicles.  I draw up at movement at the sides of the road or when my roommate is driving and texting or talking on the phone and flying around curves or down the road…I’m a little jumpy.

My roof is getting fixed this week.  W00t!!  The shingles did something called delaminating (falling off) and then Ike the hurricane did land fall in Missouri and he blew a lot of the shingles off or up and around.  My dad did a temp fix, then the insurance guy came out and sent me a check to get the shingles fixed.  I will also get a new glass put in my back french door; they guy I hired to mow my lawn threw a rock into it while weed-eating.  I’ve had a fun and exciting end of October so far…I’m glad we’re in a new month.

Skype.  Skype is an awesome invention.  We got to spend about two hours talking/seeing Riley and Tara today thanks to the people that invented Skype.  I feel sorry for all the people that blazed the trails ahead of us and discovered the new world…prior to Internet.  I cannot imagine what it would be like if I had to wait on a letter to arrive from Ireland to hear news from my family.  It was awesome getting to see them all (first time since September)…we did see Riley the other night when I set mom’s computer up.  I’m going to Tara’s parent’s house tomorrow to set them up so they can use the program too.

That about covers it all for now…time to get some sleep and to take advantage of that extra hour that I will gain tonight while sleeping.