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Pictures from the Masquerade

I mentioned in my last blog that I attended a Murder Mystery Masquerade…here’s pics of me and my friend Leah.  Leah is the one that organized it all as a fundraiser for the Child Advocacy Center here in Doniphan.


Awesome weekend…and a deer slaying

This past weekend was crazy busy, fun filled, and packed with activities that were already scheduled or I put together.  Friday night was game night at my place, we kicked back with some crazy Yatzee and just enjoyed a night indoors.   Saturday consisted of work, a wedding, and a masquerade murder mystery party.

The wedding.  My boss from semo.net (Eric Arnold) got married.  He’s been with Ashley for about five years, so the fact that he was with someone isn’t the thing…but when she put the ring on  his finger that was really weird to me.  He’s married!  Not only was he my boss, he’s a good friend of mine, and we spend many hours working together.  It was a very pretty wedding, basic and lasted about ten minutes.  The dresses were really pretty!!  It was a good time and I was able to see a lot of friends there.

The Masquerade Murder Mystery party.  My friend/roommate is working for the local Child Advocacy center, and she organized the party for a fund raiser.  It was a lot of fun.  They had a murder mystery with clues and stuff going on all night, a customer contest, and good food.  I went as a fairy type creature (w/ wings and a masquerade mask).  I had a lot of fun, I cut out a little before 10:00…when my feet told me it was time to go. :)  After leaving the party I headed to a friends house to show off my costume and to kick back and relax with guitar hero.  It was a great weekend.

The deer slaying.  I was headed home from church on Sunday night with plans to put my pj’s on and fold some laundry.  Well, I got about two miles down the road when all of a sudden I had a deer head as a hood ornament.  He came flying out of nowhere, low to the ground and going fast…and I ran over him.  He was a 4pt buck.  I left the scene of the accident, due to not having my cell phone with me, and went to my grandma’s house to call my dad to come save the day.  My car was all jacked up…the front end is totally messed up (not as bad as it could have been…but bad enough).  We went back to the scene of the demise of the deer, and was looking for him.  I almost walked over the top of him.  We threw him in the back of my dads truck and took him to the police station (to keep road kill you have to have a slip of paper).  Well, since my dad had just killed a deer that morning with his bow, he decided he didn’t want to mess with this one too.  Therefore the police pulled out a ‘road kill’ list, a list of names of people who want deer that are killed on the highway, and we picked a family and they came and took the deer away.  I have my buck killed for the season…now I can be cool, calm, and collected during regular season and get me a deer.

Lazy Days

Today was a lazy day.  What’s a lazy day?  It’s a day when you sit aside time for self and do nothing.  You don’t follow through with any obligations (whether they be real or imagined); you sit back and do what you want, when you want, and take time for ‘self’.  Things have been busy, a little crazy, and I’ve been focused on stuff all around me.  Today I was off work, my weekend off, and there were many things that I could have done or should have (i.e. helped at Timberfest, went to the leadership planning thing in PB – though I’m not in leadership).   But instead I did nothing (I did clean my house, which was good and it smells awesome — like bleach).  But first I slept in, then I lounged around until around noon-ish, then I went and laid out (it was around 81 degrees and sunny, gonna enjoy as much of the sun as I can), then I came home cleaned my house and then took a long shower.  After that I had my roommate wax my eyebrows, and we continued to lounge around and do nothing.  It was great!!

Funny story.  While I was laying out today I had a scare that caused me to jerk my leg sideways and hit my leg on the medal piece where the lounger folds (old school plastic lounger).  I had experienced a bird doing a low nose dive by my head, then a large insect was buzzing around, so therefore when a leaf fell off the tree and landed against my leg (I was laying on my stomach reading a book) it kinda freaked me out.  Causing me to do a flying squirrel routine on the lounger to get away from the big huge ‘THING’ that was attacking me.  LOL, it made me laugh when I realized what it was…now I have a bruise on my leg to remind in the days to come.

Sometimes it’s really good to just take time for self.  And today was a great day to do that.  Lazy days are great!!

Sunday Go To Meetin’

We had some AWESOME church this weekend.  Bro. Cox from Illinois was with us in service.  Sunday morning we had (what has become our normal) two alter calls — one before the preaching and one after.  Then we had a prayer line, which actually consisted of the church being lined up along the front of the church and anyone that wanted to walk through it stepped out and walked down the line, and as they progressed down the line they were to worship God according to his goodness and power.  The message Bro. Cox preached was ‘Get unwrapped’; basically stating that it’s time to get out of our grave clothes and that the place we are currently in, though it may look like a grave is actually just a holding place (shelter) and that we will come out of it (as Lazarus did).  It was a powerful service, and the saints rejoiced, and the sinners were all touched and there were a lot of people that prayed that were new members…or people that have been coming for awhile and are just now getting comfortable enough to participate.  God is AWESOME!!!  Then Sunday night Bro. Cox preached about being sparrows and that we will have ‘wings as eagles’ and that we are all just sparrows, but will soar as eagles with God.  Nothing like a good ‘Sunday Go To Meetin’ day, and what God has been doing at West Point is tremendous, and great, and I look forward to every service because you never know what’s going to happen.

Well I need to wind this down.  It’s almost 12:00 am – Midnight – when the tickets for Christmas at Our House go one sale, and I have to be ready to make purchases for about nine different people.  w00t!!!


My New Bed Spread

Here’s my new bedspread that I bought at Target the other day…I’m loving it!!


Country Life…for a girl

It’s that time of year again, when all the fun stuff happens…gigging, bow season, deer season.  Gigging season, along with bow season, opened on September 15 (yeah…and all the little people rejoiced).  This past Monday night me and my cousin, Elmer, and dad went out for our first night of gigging for the season.  The water was a little dingy still from all the rain we’ve been getting.  We had a great time though.  Elmer Gene did the two step with one fish, chasing it all around the front and down the side of the boat…almost ending up in the water with it.  We ended up getting three fish and losing four, before the storm hit.  We thought we could beat it out, we were out for about an hour, but it beat us.  By the time we got back to the dock, cleaned the fish (I kindly held the boat and kept it from floating away while the men cleaned the fish), and got the boat loaded (which was a great experience) the rain was there in full force.  Elmer thought he received the short end of the stick by getting stuck opening and closing all the gates (in the rain); I was just glad that he decided to go along with us…saved me from the same fate.  It was a lot of fun…and I cannot wait until we go again.  I love the fall/winter season!!!