Parades, announcements, and more…

Our annual Labor Day parade was this past weekend (imagine that, since it was Labor Day).  It’s a tradition around Doniphan, and EVERYONE comes out for it.  I had some friends (my ex-boss, his fiance, and their neighbors) came this year, they were impressed with it all…considering it was Doniphan and all.  I love the parade; granted the floats don’t compare to the Macy’s Thanksgiving, or the Rose Bowl parade…but they are made with care and anybody can participate.  JoAnn Emerson, Mike Dethrow, and some other Senate contender walked in the parade handing out fans, candy, and stickers (it’s an election year).  We had a very good time.

Our church built a float for the parade.  We ended up putting most of it together on Friday night.  We came in first place in the church division, and won Grand Prize for the overall parade.  We won somewhere around $100.  Those of us that worked on it were very excited!!!  Then we went and tore it down (which took a lot less time than putting it together).

Riley and Tara (my brother and sister-in-law) will be leaving the end of this month.  A couple that attended our church and has recently moved to South Dakota called and told them that they were sending them a $10,000 check, so they have their funding to move to Ireland.  I’m excited for them…but very sad too.  They are taking the munchkins with them (of course, since they are their children), but it will be very hard to let them all go.  One of my best friends is moving to the other side of the world…it’s going to be a little crazy for awhile after they leave.  But I’m looking forward to getting to go see them!!!

Things are going good for me right now.  I may be getting a roommate for a couple of months, which will be a lot of fun.  We’ll try to keep one another out of trouble and see how much we can get into together. :)

Until later…ERM

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