I made it, God is AWESOME, and other tidbits

I made it!!!  Week one without the March Gang is now behind us.  It’s getting easier.  Sometimes I’ll think, I need to tell Riley blah, blah, blah…and realize that I cannot as easily as I did before.  Mom and I went shopping on Saturday, where we would usually call Tara and ask the size of the girls and Simeon…well we bought clothes that we hope fit. :)  I’ve had the opportunity to talk to him through Instant Message or Gtalk three different times…so I’m surviving.  Mom and dad bought their tickets for Christmas this past weekend, they ended up getting round-trip tickets for $1070 (which is good)…so I’ll be having Christmas a lone this year.  I told my roommate that I would go to the Slusher’s (Tara’s family’s)  and take her place since my whole family would be in Ireland.  I have plenty of places to go…and I’m sure that I’ll find something to do.

Sunday services were AWESOME at church this past Sunday (Sept. 28).  Bro. Roland Baker was with us, Sunday morning we had a great worship service.  I had a friend that I worked with at semo.net come with me, it was great getting to share the power of God with them.  It was tangible in the service.  Sunday night was good too.  We had one guy receive the Holy Ghost, three people were baptized.  When the girl came up out of the water she was speaking in other tongues.  God is AWESOME!!  West Point is ready to be scattered!!

Saturday, Sept. 27, was my dad’s birthday.  The Gang sent him a video gram, mom and I brought KFC home and I baked a cake.  My mom had problems with me having a strawberry cake with chocolate ice cream…but hey, it worked.  My Uncle Lynn and Aunt Becky came over to eat celebrate with us.

I’m going to be teaching 252Basics class for the next thirteen weeks.  I’d been thinking about it for two days or so and was going to talk to our Sunday School Director, well he came to me on Sunday…so I figured it was a God thing and told him ‘yes’.  I get he 5-6 yr. olds.  It’s going to be an experience. :)  I’m looking forward to it though.

Well, I need to run.  Many things to do…need to get motivated.  This week is the ‘accomplish’ house fix-up week.  I’m tired of it being like it is.  Also…I bought a new ‘grown-up’ bed set this weekend, I love it.  I’ll post a picture later.


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