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I made it, God is AWESOME, and other tidbits

I made it!!!  Week one without the March Gang is now behind us.  It’s getting easier.  Sometimes I’ll think, I need to tell Riley blah, blah, blah…and realize that I cannot as easily as I did before.  Mom and I went shopping on Saturday, where we would usually call Tara and ask the size of the girls and Simeon…well we bought clothes that we hope fit. :)  I’ve had the opportunity to talk to him through Instant Message or Gtalk three different times…so I’m surviving.  Mom and dad bought their tickets for Christmas this past weekend, they ended up getting round-trip tickets for $1070 (which is good)…so I’ll be having Christmas a lone this year.  I told my roommate that I would go to the Slusher’s (Tara’s family’s)  and take her place since my whole family would be in Ireland.  I have plenty of places to go…and I’m sure that I’ll find something to do.

Sunday services were AWESOME at church this past Sunday (Sept. 28).  Bro. Roland Baker was with us, Sunday morning we had a great worship service.  I had a friend that I worked with at semo.net come with me, it was great getting to share the power of God with them.  It was tangible in the service.  Sunday night was good too.  We had one guy receive the Holy Ghost, three people were baptized.  When the girl came up out of the water she was speaking in other tongues.  God is AWESOME!!  West Point is ready to be scattered!!

Saturday, Sept. 27, was my dad’s birthday.  The Gang sent him a video gram, mom and I brought KFC home and I baked a cake.  My mom had problems with me having a strawberry cake with chocolate ice cream…but hey, it worked.  My Uncle Lynn and Aunt Becky came over to eat celebrate with us.

I’m going to be teaching 252Basics class for the next thirteen weeks.  I’d been thinking about it for two days or so and was going to talk to our Sunday School Director, well he came to me on Sunday…so I figured it was a God thing and told him ‘yes’.  I get he 5-6 yr. olds.  It’s going to be an experience. :)  I’m looking forward to it though.

Well, I need to run.  Many things to do…need to get motivated.  This week is the ‘accomplish’ house fix-up week.  I’m tired of it being like it is.  Also…I bought a new ‘grown-up’ bed set this weekend, I love it.  I’ll post a picture later.


Saying Goodbye…for six months

Well, Riley and Tara and the kids are officially on foreign soil (as of this morning).  We all went to St. Louis on Sunday (Sept 21) after Sunday School to spend one last evening together and then to see them off at the airport on Monday morning (Sept 22).  We ate their last American meal at Bandannas (a totally AWESOME BBQ joint) — that’s not counting the continental breakfast the next morning.  Riley and I decided that we could share food by mailing it to one another, I asked that we stick to cheeses only because the mold could be scrapped off of them and the food still eaten.  It was an emotional day, what really got me was when Kirsten was crying really hard while saying bye to everyone — the parents know what’s happening and have made the decision to go, the kids have to go along for the ride.  Simeon asked why Ireland was so far away, and that he didn’t want to go that far…then he wanted to go home.  As I stated it was an emotional weekend!

But what’s so awesome is that they are on an adventure that is unparalleled to anything they have done so far.  I’m excited about the reports we will hear from Ireland about the awesome things that God will do.  We had a promise that God was going to heal Riley of MS because he has stepped out in faith and followed God’s will for their lives…God is awesome.

Six months…I’m making plans now to go in March.  I’m counting down the days until I leave to get to see them all again.  Riley was my sanity basically.  He keeps me grounded and in check.  He’s my big brother.  Always been there, even when we were both in college and not living in the same city…he was ‘close’.  Then I lived with them for about six months and worked with him for seven years (car pooling and all).  Now to think of him 1/2 way around the world, on totally different soil, it’s crazy.  So I just don’t think. :) 

Until later…ERM

Fun in the sun and ‘The Countdown’

Satruday, September 13, we had a ‘Free For All’ day in Doniphan.  Our church did a day of fun and activities for anyone that wanted to attend (we ended up having over 1200 people show up).  We had free food – hamburgers, hot-dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, shaved ice, nachos, sodas, and water.  Free games – jump toys that were supplied by Mike Oliver from Block Party Amusements out of Indiana…it was the BOMB.  We had so much fun, I was very tired afterwards, but it was well worth it.  From the feedback we have received so far from the community it was a great success.

Countdown to the March Gang leaving…FIVE DAYS.  They will be leaving this coming Monday, September 22, at 10:10 am to fly away to Ireland.  It’s going to be a crazy week!!  I’m spending as much time with the kids that I can this week, I won’t get to see them again until March (which I’m already pricing out plane tickets).  It looks like it will be pretty reasonable to go at that time…I’m saving pennies and going to start collecting cans (unless all of you that read this would like to donate toward the ‘see my family fund’, you can kindly drop checks or money orders into the mail and I will gladly accept them).

Also, my roommate has moved in.  My house is crazy right now.  I have to sets of living room furniture in my living room, I’m going through everything in my bonus room to either burn it or store it in the attic, and my kitchen has some bonus pots/pans and other utensils sitting around the counter top.  But I’m doing what I can when I can, and with the Gang leaving soon it’s more important that I spend time with them than the boxes in my bonus room…oh, and does anyone need some tapes (the cassette type) I have a lot that I don’t know what to do with.

Need to run…


Parades, announcements, and more…

Our annual Labor Day parade was this past weekend (imagine that, since it was Labor Day).  It’s a tradition around Doniphan, and EVERYONE comes out for it.  I had some friends (my ex-boss, his fiance, and their neighbors) came this year, they were impressed with it all…considering it was Doniphan and all.  I love the parade; granted the floats don’t compare to the Macy’s Thanksgiving, or the Rose Bowl parade…but they are made with care and anybody can participate.  JoAnn Emerson, Mike Dethrow, and some other Senate contender walked in the parade handing out fans, candy, and stickers (it’s an election year).  We had a very good time.

Our church built a float for the parade.  We ended up putting most of it together on Friday night.  We came in first place in the church division, and won Grand Prize for the overall parade.  We won somewhere around $100.  Those of us that worked on it were very excited!!!  Then we went and tore it down (which took a lot less time than putting it together).

Riley and Tara (my brother and sister-in-law) will be leaving the end of this month.  A couple that attended our church and has recently moved to South Dakota called and told them that they were sending them a $10,000 check, so they have their funding to move to Ireland.  I’m excited for them…but very sad too.  They are taking the munchkins with them (of course, since they are their children), but it will be very hard to let them all go.  One of my best friends is moving to the other side of the world…it’s going to be a little crazy for awhile after they leave.  But I’m looking forward to getting to go see them!!!

Things are going good for me right now.  I may be getting a roommate for a couple of months, which will be a lot of fun.  We’ll try to keep one another out of trouble and see how much we can get into together. :)

Until later…ERM