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Work…that’s all I do, it seems

I think that as a person gets older the only thing they do is work, or that is what I feel at this point in time.  I have a 9:00-5:30 (or later) job, but I don’t get home any later than what I did when I worked in PB…but it seems that the only thing I do is work.  I work at my job, I work around my house (cleaning, yard work), I work out (walking, weights, steps) and before I know it the week is already gone.  Where does time go?  I read on occasion sometimes, before shutting the light out, but that’s to relax before going to sleep.  I go out sometimes, but those times are few and far between…I think.  maybe I do more extra-curricular than I think, and that’s why it seems I’m always working because I put off the stuff around my house until it’s past time to do it and I’m stuck doing it all at once.  Maybe I just want to complain today, which is odd because right now I feel like I’m in a good place.  I could use some extra cash, but I’m learning to budget…and my dad comes through for me in a pinch — losing $13,000 a year would cause anyone to learn a budget.  I could work on my relationship (walk) with God, that could always be on the ‘to do’ list and sometimes it gets pushed further down than it ought…but I’m trying, not always succeeding, but trying to do the right thing and get where I need to be.  God is good to me, beyond anything that I deserve He is good to me.

Here’s to all the working people….sometimes we just need to vent.  Where I live we have a lot of the people who ‘don’t’ work, and pull a check from those of us that ‘do’ work…and they are capable of working they just don’t want to.

I’m blessed, and I know this deep down, but sometimes I want to just ‘be’.  No responsibilities, no phones, no contact with anyone…just be.  I think that’s called childhood, and that was a long time ago for me. (smile)  Well, it’s back to work!

Elliptical Machine and Motorcyles

Elliptical Machine.  A whole body work out…that kick’s my butt, or did.  The other night I finally went thirty minutes on it.  Some of you that read this may be laughing, but that machine is something that I have had to gradually work my way up in the amount of time that I can spend on it.  I did FIVE whole minutes the first time and thought I was going to die.  My legs were burning and I was out of breath.  I slowly worked my way up to fifteen minutes, then twenty minutes…the other night I did THIRTY minutes and was very proud of myself.  To walk thirty minutes is nothing, a simple two miles, I hit the track or the road and think nothing of it.  To get tired just walking I have to do at least four miles, most of the time five.  But to step on the elliptical machine it’s a totally different work out…try it sometime if you get the chance, you feel great afterwards.

This past weekend I went motorcycle riding…it was a BLAST.  Though by Sunday my tail-end was a little sore.  I haven’t ridden much lately, and Friday night I went on a three hour ride, up through Van Buren and around (a huge loop); Saturday night we went down into Arkansas and did about a two hour loop.  It’s awesome!!  I love the feel of being out in the open and feeling the wind (and sometimes rain) and being able to see the sky and everything.  The temp is dropping so Saturday night I looked like I was going to Alaska, but I stayed warm the whole time.  My friend put headsets in the helmets so we were able to talk without me leaning up and to the side to talk to him while flying  riding down the highway.  It was a great weekend.

My nephew got new glasses…you can check them out here.  He’s very cute in them, in my personal opinion.

Until later…ERM