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Darkside of working at the Pharm

Prior to working at the Pharm, I had an odd fascination with what I would read in the newspaper.  I would get the paper and read it in this order: Obituaries, comics, police reports, and sometimes actual articles (depending on what paper and what was happening).  When I started working at the Pharm that oddity came in handy in that it would help me keep things updated in my files.  Yesterday it caused me pause in my day and made me reflect on life in general.

I was going through my day as normal, and I had to go to our local funeral home’s website to verify some information.  When the page loaded my heart kinda stopped due to a name that was listed there.  I had the opportunity to get out of the office the other day and do deliveries (due to us being short handed that day); and I had the opportunity to go to this lady’s house and drop some stuff off for her.  She was a spry little lady making jokes and making sure that I got my piece of candy before leaving (taken from a bowl of peppermints — all in Sonic wrappers).  We were supposed to be taking a refund to her for some OTC items that were purchased, but not used…that money sits as a reminder that life can unexpectedly take turns.

You know that life takes curves and hills and is ever changing (this has been demonstrated throughout my life with the death of relatives and just in general); but sometimes you forget that when you see someone that could be the last time.  I met this lady for the first time that Thursday…she made an impression on me because of her love of a laugh.  It will cause me to make sure that how I leave a situation or encounter won’t have me wondering how things ‘could have been’ if I never have the opportunity to meet up again.

I guess the moral of this whole thing is to be careful how you act or react to everyone and everything in your life…you never know what impression you will leave behind, or if you can change what you’ve done.


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