Basically I wanted to post today because it’s Friday the 13th (of June)…and some people find it ominous when the thirteenth of the month falls on a Friday.  I haven’t seen a black cat or walked under a ladder so far today either.

Last weekend our Sunday school department held their annual bike-a-thon.  The Thursday prior Peyt asked me to take take her around the south end of town (her and her mom had covered the north end the week before).  So we marched around hitting all the businesses and ended up making $200 that day with sponsorships.  She ended up raising the most money out of all the girls and won a new bike.  w00t!!

Kirsten had her tonsils taken out on Tuesday, June 3.  She’s doing really well, she’s also lost some weight because she’s not eating much yet.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t lose the weight like she is when I had mine out.

My brother made a comic strip of the kids, it’s really cute and funny.  It can be found here.

Well, I must need get off of here.  I have several things I could be getting done before it’s time to go home.



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