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Wii Bowling Tournament

This past Saturday night we had a Wii bowling tournament over at my friend Billy’s house.  There were five of us that showed up, so to make things equal we bowled five games and we all sat out for one game…luckily we did, my arm is very sore for the four games I did play.  The Wii is a game console that allows the people to get involved and get exercise while playing video games…when I get rich I’m going to buy one.

We had top score and most strikes awards that were handed out at the end of the night.  Brian, who brought the trophies, was both top score and most strikes…so since he wanted someone else to take home a trophy he stepped out of the running which caused me to win top score (I was second), and Billy and Christy came in second with a tie for most strikes.

Here’s a picture of what our trophies look like, they are plastic though.


We had a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to defending my title…though with a small spelling error, Billy will be defending the ‘Most Stikes’ title in future games.



Basically I wanted to post today because it’s Friday the 13th (of June)…and some people find it ominous when the thirteenth of the month falls on a Friday.  I haven’t seen a black cat or walked under a ladder so far today either.

Last weekend our Sunday school department held their annual bike-a-thon.  The Thursday prior Peyt asked me to take take her around the south end of town (her and her mom had covered the north end the week before).  So we marched around hitting all the businesses and ended up making $200 that day with sponsorships.  She ended up raising the most money out of all the girls and won a new bike.  w00t!!

Kirsten had her tonsils taken out on Tuesday, June 3.  She’s doing really well, she’s also lost some weight because she’s not eating much yet.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t lose the weight like she is when I had mine out.

My brother made a comic strip of the kids, it’s really cute and funny.  It can be found here.

Well, I must need get off of here.  I have several things I could be getting done before it’s time to go home.




Is the title grammatically correct…probably not…but it’s what we’re dealing with here in my corner of the world.  Several things are ‘going away’ and we’re taking life one step at a time.

My niece Kirsten graduated from Kindergarten on Tuesday, May 27.  The service was really cute and the kids did great.  I left after graduation, didn’t stick around for the awards ceremony.  They go to a private Christan school, and they have awards for EVERYTHING and it takes FOREVER…so I went and walked instead.  We had a Mexican Fiesta party on Friday, May 30, for Kirsten at my house.  It was a good time!

My cousin, whom I lived with for awhile and babysat off/on while she was growing up, graduated from High School.  We all went up for a party for her on Saturday, May 31.  It was great getting to see everyone, some of the people I hadn’t seen in awhile.  We drove up and back all in one day…but it was worth it.

My niece is getting her tonsils taken out tomorrow.  She asked me about a month ago if it was going to hurt…I said that I couldn’t lie and say no, but that she was younger than I was and it would probably be easier on her than it was on me.  She is plagued with strep throat and since they are getting ready to leave for Ireland they wanted to get this taken care of to make things easier while they are over there.

My brother and his family are wanting to leave by June 24.  They have to wait on their Visa’s and then get their plane tickets, and some other stuff…but as of right now that is the day of departure they are striving for.  I’m o.k. with it as long as I don’t think about it. :)  Life is going to take a drastic change upon their departure date…one of my best friends will be moving to the other side of the world and it’s going to be crazy.

I have a contract on my house…w00t!!  I’m excited about it all.  It’s contingent upon them selling their house, but I know that God will work everything out as He has this past month with everything else.  He’s good like that!!