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A Community for Weight Loss…FREE

If any of you out there that may come across this blog or that reads it every once in awhile are like me you’re always looking for a plan that works for you that will help you stay on track and lose weight.  I did Weight Watchers for awhile, and it worked, I won’t say it didn’t, but it was ‘very’ expensive for me to handle at that point in time and to buy all the foods they suggest was getting even more expensive.

To me, the motto of Weight Watchers is the whole thing…it’s a life change.  You have to be willing to change the way you think and eat…but not totally in my opinion.  I think that if you actually excersise and eat sensibly, without totally overhauling your life, it’s all about moderation; that you will lose weight or keep yourself at a happy medium.  I came across the following website on a message forum the other day and have been using it, SparkPeople.  It gives you exercises ideas and videos on how to do them, recipes to keep your meals interesting, they will even go so far as to create a meal plan for you and give you a shopping list for each week.  The BONUS of it all is that it’s FREE!!!  They allow you to track your food and exercise and weight loss all right there.  There are forums with people just like me that are willing to be there to keep me going when I may want to quit.

I’m impressed with it.  And if I actually use it to it’s fullest potential I may actually meet my goal.  Check it out sometime if you’re looking for something to help boost you along…it’s at SparkPeople.

Moving, birthdays, and more

Well, we’re back to our original location with the Pharm.  I was so excited about having Saturday, April 19, off…I was turning 31 and I wanted to go do something exciting.  I got to do exciting stuff alright…worked 9 hours (I left at 6:00 to go out and eat with my friends) setting up the office space.  So I spent my birthday weekend working about 20 hours overtime, and moving all our stuff back down to our newly remodeled location.  We’re still not settled and this is the first time I’ve had a computer at my desk table, our counter top desk won’t be in for another month or so.  I’m trying to get organized and set up…but that’s hard to do sometimes without the proper supplies.  But our customer’s are liking the new place and that’s what matters.

For my birthday my mom and dad bought me a rally cool flower pot from Wal-Mart.  Except mine is just stripped…no flowers.  I’m trying to decide what flower/plant I want to put into it.

On Thursday, April 17, I went to a Switchfoot concert.  It was AWESOME!!!  Not only did the concert rock, I ran into some friends of mine (the Brickell’s) and was able to go back stage and meet the band.  They were all really nice and I got their autographs and was able to talk to them.  It was a good early birthday present.  I got major kudos with my friends too…because I was able to take them back with me too.  w00t!!

That covers it for now…I’m starting a weight loss goal this week.  I’ll keep everyone posted if I actually lose something. :)

New Glasses

I got new glasses!!!  I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago (after shopping around then having my sister-in-law shop w/ me too…didn’t want to make a mistake) and purchased some new specs.  They are totally different than anything I’ve ever worn before, but I like them a lot and I’m glad that I did a drastic change.

Me in my new specs (the pic was taken with my cell phone so it’s a little grainy):


Hope everyone is doing well.  We’re hearing reports of more rain…but we’re on track to move back into our permanent location this weekend.  w00t!!  Very excited!

Waiting to get back ‘home’

Well, we’re still waiting to move back to the Pharm’s normal location.  Things are still chaotic and starting to get frustrating (just because there is totally ‘no’ organization ability here).  I don’t have file cabinets, or desk drawers, things are thrown on my desk table, and I have boxes everywhere.  But it’s the same for everyone…not to mention the whole filing system of invoices and stuff being off, my frustrations are just a drop in the bucket.  We’re looking at hopefully being back by next weeks sometime.

I turn another year older this month.  It’s really crazy, growing up I don’t guess I had a plan/vision for what I would be when I was ’31’…unfortunately I’m still a little confused on that point.  I really need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and get to work achieving it.

We’re down to about two and a-half months left with my brother and sister-in-law before they leave for Ireland.  I’m trying to spend time with them as much as possible, especially the kids.  It’s going to be a crazy July.  My nephew ~S~ can quote the Old Testament books of the Bible (so can my nieces); it’s so cute with him though.  He’s only four, and when he says the huge names it makes me smile.

Well, I think that about wraps things up for now.  Until later…