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Laughing Till I Cried…

When was the last time that you can honestly say that you laughed so hard your cried?  It had been awhile for me, until about a week ago when my dad supplied me with a grand opportunity to laugh till I cried…my side even started hurting.

If you know my dad really well, you know that he’s the type of guy that enjoys having his hair in place.  He combs it before going to bed, and I cannot count the number of times growing up he would ask if I had a brush in my purse.  Now if you know me, you know that I probably NEVER had a brush in my purse due to the fact that I have natural curly hair and once it was fixed there was no changing it until I washed it again…due to the Bozo factor that would in-sue if I combed/brushed my mass of curls out.  Anyway…back to my dad.  About a week ago my mom and I went to PB to do a Wal-Mart run, and on the way home she was talking about how she had to cut my dad’s hair before leaving for STL the next day (he had been out of town working for two weeks and was in need of a trim).  When we got home I went in to talk to Dad while Mom put all the groceries and stuff away, I wasn’t paying close attention to his hair or anything.  Mom walked in and took one look at him and was like ‘WHO CUT YOUR HAIR’.  Then I took a close up look at it…and started laughing.  My dad decided to take his hair into his own hands, and used the electric razor/clippers on it.  Well, his hand slipped.  He had this huge ‘dip’ going on the left side of his head (almost bald); and then the right side was still puffy because he gave up when he ‘slipped’.  It was great!!!  Needless to say, my mom had to do some major care giving to the hairdo, and my dad ended up with almost a flattop (one fashion he has never had).  It will be awhile before he needs a trim.  I got a good laugh out of it.

To all you men out there…beware if you attempt to cut your own hair, unless you actually want a flattop.


It’s FEBRUARY…already

Well, to all of you faithful blog readers who hasn’t given up hope that I would one day actually put something new up here…and catch you up on my life.  I’m here, it’s already February, and there has been all kinds of things that have happened since my last blog.  I’ll give some highlights…but mainly I’m just here to get reacquainted with everyone and I’ll do better to keep things current.

I’ve been working at the Farm for almost two months now.  I’m seeing things that I would never have thought possible…I guess people get to a point where they just think that everyone wants to see what they have.  I’ve learned to work on my gag reflex…sometimes it still gets the better of me when I just cannot handle the situation (I’m always able to step to the back for a minute to catch my breath and continue working).  For some reason I’m not allowed to use the method I used when I had to change a dirty diaper…something about having bounce dryer sheets hanging out my nose makes some feel uncomfortable.  I’m really enjoying the job, and I’m learning a lot.  The Farm has been ‘very’ good to me.  They are paying for my health insurance, and I received a raise last week after only being there for about a month and 1/2.  God is AWESOME and He gave me an opportunity that I am very thankful for.

I went to my cousin’s last high school play last weekend.  I had not been in STL since Thanksgiving, and that was a fast trip with my parents.  I drove this time and spent some time just hanging out.  I went downtown, the first time in FOREVER.  Well this will date it for you, I had not seen the new Busch Stadium and they won the World Series in it back in 06.  I love downtown STL, the Arch and everything.  There is so much history there.  I attempted to go to the Body Works at the Science Center, but they were sold out of tickets.

My brother and sister-in-law have about four months left here state side.  They will be leaving soon to be missionaries in Ireland.  I’m looking forward to getting to go visit them, not so much looking forward to them leaving.  They’re taking my little buddies with them.  But that’s four to five months in the future…so I have time.

My house goes off the market in March.  I haven’t had one single person look at it.  The house market is so slow right now.  I’m trying to get it sold so I can be more flexible in where I live.  Everyone that is reading this and believes in prayer…please pray that someone would want a nice new house where I live.

Well, I need to run.  I have many things to get done before 5:30 rolls around.

Until next time…ERM