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I’m totally excited, as of noon today I am now a 9:00-5:00 employee at The Farm. I was totally blessed today. To be honest about a week, week and a-half ago, I told God that something was going to have to give. I was at the end of my rope and it was fraying fast. I had been taken care of the whole time that I’m been ‘contract’ labor, and I haven’t wanted for anything (God is AWESOME like that); but I was ready to know that I had a job to go to and that taxes would be held out, and to have insurance again. He came through for me today!! The whole time I worked at The Corp, I was in a management position, so I was never eligible for bonuses (other than Christmas) or any of the ‘perks’ the staff could (because I was THE MANAGER — said in funny voice like David does it); this job I am making ‘good’ money, I don’t have to go to work until 9:00, I have very good benefits, and I have perks and incentives that I can work towards and come away with ‘blessings’. I’m really excited. I get to learn some new stuff, that I can take with me to other places, and the people I will be working for are very good.

Today is a good day!


Fun Holiday Cheer…with a small mistake

The following pics were taken at a shopping center…they are wishing everyone a ‘Merry’ Christmas, but they apparently did not use ‘hooked on phonics’ as a child.




It’s Monday, December 10, and I finally will be able to go home from work and do whatever I so desire.  Why is this such a great thing?  For the past two weeks I have been very busy with a dinner theater my church does every year.  This is the tenth year we have done it, (one was spent baby sitting and getting stuff ready, the other was spent actually working at Christmas at Our House).  My sister-in-law (and dad) were in the actual cast of the play, that is why I had to baby sit some (my brother does the sound/lights).  I helped make dumplings every night, so I had to be there at 2:00 pm every day…along with running errands in the Bluff and picking stuff up for people.  It was a crazy week.

We had a record breaking night of 319 people that we served.  The other nights were around 313, 309…the least one was 300.  We had so much fun!!!  The cast would add stuff to each performance; so even though it was the same play every night for eight nights…those of us that had to watch it the whole time found that it was actually a different play each night.

We have a couple that takes their vacation every year and spends the week at West Point, they live in Memphis.  But next year they will actually be here; they have purchased some property in town and will be opening up a coffee house.  I’m totally psyched about it…we will finally have a  coffee house and they will be living close. :)

I will now have my evenings to myself, I can do laundry or nothing at all…but it will be ‘my time’.  WOOT!!!

Now I just need to get started on sending out Christmas cards and get my shopping done…luckily I’m just purchasing gifts for the kids.