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We Survived…and Plat looks good

Well, we went live with Plat today.  We’re still working on getting all the information corrected and things ‘right’ in the system.  I billed everyone today for the first and all the invoices looked right…some of them were messed up but it didn’t take much to fix them (there were only five of them).  Now I’m going to have to get everyone trained on it.

Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch today…it’s .50 cent wings day.  I got twelve wings for $6.00.  So it’s lunch and dinner.  It was a little more than I anticipated spending, after a salad and tip…but it was worth it.  Yummy!!  We ran into some friends from The Corp, it was nice to get to say ‘hey’ and talk to them for a bit.

Tonight I get to clean some more on my house and get a few more things done before Saturday…woot.

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