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K…I can finally blog about what has been occupying a lot of my time lately, well since around April.  This past weekend we had a surprise birthday party for my mom and aunt (who are twins), for their 50th birthday.  Their birthday isn’t until December 23, but with it being two days before Christmas that puts a kink in being able to celebrate it properly (not to mention everyone being so busy with other ‘Christmas’ obligations)…so we planned the party about a month early and it worked. :)

Growing up they only had one birthday  party ‘ever’, and that was when they were eight and my Grandma had it in the middle of July.  Every other year they were able to pick ‘one’ of their Christmas presents out from under the tree and open it on their birthday…so it wasn’t really a birthday preset.

It was a total surprise for both of them.  My aunt almost passed out…she was overcome by the ‘surprise’ of it all.  We did mess up and they didn’t arrive together (but we tried really hard).  It was a great night and a lot of their friends were there and they spent the evening talking and eating and celebrating.

That about sums things up on that front…


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