Deer Season

Deer Season opened this past weekend in Missouri, it’s basically a Holiday here in the county that I live in…the kids are off school for the whole week and the majority of the people go to the ‘deer woods’.  As opposed to the just regular woods any other time, during deer season they’re the ‘deer woods’.  You NEVER go to Wal-Mart on Friday before opening morning.  It’s a free-frall of all the men purchasing their beer food for the weekend (the only time you will see these men volunteering shopping at Wal-Mart; and some do actually purchase food).  The parking lot is a field of campers and trucks with four wheelers in the beds, loaded down with ‘stuff’.  It’s really quite amazing.

I went out Saturday afternoon and Sunday (I missed opening morning due to some other stuff I had to get done).  My dad and cousin had already gotten their deer (a 9 and 8 point buck).  I did not see anything, though Sunday morning I saw three turkeys (which were pretty cool).   I got my exercise walking up the ‘hill’, on Sunday I called for back-up and my dad met me half-way with the four wheeler and took me to camp (WOOT!)…guns and stuff weigh a lot more than you would think, not to mention the fact that I may be a little bit out of shape. :)  We had a lot of fun, got to eat some good food and just sit around the camp fire and chat.  Hakuna Matata!

That’s all for now.  I have a good job opportunity that I hope pans out in the next couple of weeks, it’s at a bank and along the lines of what I have done in the past (working with computers)…but I will be learning a lot more and I think it will be a great opportunity.


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