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Annie Oakley…or maybe not

So, Sunday afternoon we went out to feed the cows. Knowing that deer come out in the fields to eat, my dad sat me in the van with my gun watching for the deer to come out. I had my tag from the previous weekend, and my hunter orange close by, and a nice warm seat while my dad dumped corn and moved hay. As the sun is setting the lights in the van finally went out and I had an unobstructed view of the pond area and the open field out to my left (we had both side doors open on the van). My mom sees the deer first – they came to her side of the van – so I get out with my gun (I’m in flip-flops, jean skirt, and sweater) and get my dad’s attention and we go toward the deer. The deer were on the far end of the field, so instead of walking the length of it, we get the van and go for a ride. It was like in the movies when the good guys are going through town with the door open on the vehicle where they can shoot out and get their prey. We drove within shooting distance of the deer and I got out of the van and took a shooter’s stance, but I didn’t have my gun that had a scope on it (I was using a lever action 33 with open sites), so my first shot missed.  So we got back in the van, backed down the field further, and got out again with me sitting in front of the van with the headlights over my shoulder so I could see the sites better on the gun (I could still see the four deer that were patiently waiting for me to get my act together). The next shot I took knocked me off balance from my ‘squatting position’, luckily I was able to kick my left leg out to the side and kept myself from landing on my backside in the middle of the field. So I calmly got on my knees to balance myself out and missed again with the next shot. The deer finally went up into the woods, we hopped back into the van to go pick my mom up and head into town for church. Mom said that when we got back into the van, that she heard another shot ring out from up in the woods…I apparently helped someone else get their deer (as long as they were a better shot than me). I am by no means an Annie Oakley!!

Good times…good times! ERM

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