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Christmas Time is here…

I like Christmas time…since the day after Thanksgiving I’ve been playing Christmas music in my car (we’re listening to it at the office too…and we had our Christmas party last night).  But the best thing is that Christmas At Our House starts this week.  We’re actually starting in November (which is something that Chuck didn’t really want to do, but due to the overwhelming amount of people we have/had that wanted tickets, we had to go an extra night and that put us into November).  At last count we’re going to have about 2400 people come through the doors for our dinner theater; it’s going to be very tiring, but totally awesome at the same time.   We’re going eight days this year.  Many people use it for their office parties, and it has became a family tradition for many  and it’s how they kick off the Christmas Season.

Annie Oakley…or maybe not

So, Sunday afternoon we went out to feed the cows. Knowing that deer come out in the fields to eat, my dad sat me in the van with my gun watching for the deer to come out. I had my tag from the previous weekend, and my hunter orange close by, and a nice warm seat while my dad dumped corn and moved hay. As the sun is setting the lights in the van finally went out and I had an unobstructed view of the pond area and the open field out to my left (we had both side doors open on the van). My mom sees the deer first – they came to her side of the van – so I get out with my gun (I’m in flip-flops, jean skirt, and sweater) and get my dad’s attention and we go toward the deer. The deer were on the far end of the field, so instead of walking the length of it, we get the van and go for a ride. It was like in the movies when the good guys are going through town with the door open on the vehicle where they can shoot out and get their prey. We drove within shooting distance of the deer and I got out of the van and took a shooter’s stance, but I didn’t have my gun that had a scope on it (I was using a lever action 33 with open sites), so my first shot missed.  So we got back in the van, backed down the field further, and got out again with me sitting in front of the van with the headlights over my shoulder so I could see the sites better on the gun (I could still see the four deer that were patiently waiting for me to get my act together). The next shot I took knocked me off balance from my ‘squatting position’, luckily I was able to kick my left leg out to the side and kept myself from landing on my backside in the middle of the field. So I calmly got on my knees to balance myself out and missed again with the next shot. The deer finally went up into the woods, we hopped back into the van to go pick my mom up and head into town for church. Mom said that when we got back into the van, that she heard another shot ring out from up in the woods…I apparently helped someone else get their deer (as long as they were a better shot than me). I am by no means an Annie Oakley!!

Good times…good times! ERM


K…I can finally blog about what has been occupying a lot of my time lately, well since around April.  This past weekend we had a surprise birthday party for my mom and aunt (who are twins), for their 50th birthday.  Their birthday isn’t until December 23, but with it being two days before Christmas that puts a kink in being able to celebrate it properly (not to mention everyone being so busy with other ‘Christmas’ obligations)…so we planned the party about a month early and it worked. :)

Growing up they only had one birthday  party ‘ever’, and that was when they were eight and my Grandma had it in the middle of July.  Every other year they were able to pick ‘one’ of their Christmas presents out from under the tree and open it on their birthday…so it wasn’t really a birthday preset.

It was a total surprise for both of them.  My aunt almost passed out…she was overcome by the ‘surprise’ of it all.  We did mess up and they didn’t arrive together (but we tried really hard).  It was a great night and a lot of their friends were there and they spent the evening talking and eating and celebrating.

That about sums things up on that front…


Deer Season

Deer Season opened this past weekend in Missouri, it’s basically a Holiday here in the county that I live in…the kids are off school for the whole week and the majority of the people go to the ‘deer woods’.  As opposed to the just regular woods any other time, during deer season they’re the ‘deer woods’.  You NEVER go to Wal-Mart on Friday before opening morning.  It’s a free-frall of all the men purchasing their beer food for the weekend (the only time you will see these men volunteering shopping at Wal-Mart; and some do actually purchase food).  The parking lot is a field of campers and trucks with four wheelers in the beds, loaded down with ‘stuff’.  It’s really quite amazing.

I went out Saturday afternoon and Sunday (I missed opening morning due to some other stuff I had to get done).  My dad and cousin had already gotten their deer (a 9 and 8 point buck).  I did not see anything, though Sunday morning I saw three turkeys (which were pretty cool).   I got my exercise walking up the ‘hill’, on Sunday I called for back-up and my dad met me half-way with the four wheeler and took me to camp (WOOT!)…guns and stuff weigh a lot more than you would think, not to mention the fact that I may be a little bit out of shape. :)  We had a lot of fun, got to eat some good food and just sit around the camp fire and chat.  Hakuna Matata!

That’s all for now.  I have a good job opportunity that I hope pans out in the next couple of weeks, it’s at a bank and along the lines of what I have done in the past (working with computers)…but I will be learning a lot more and I think it will be a great opportunity.


My Little Chicken

My mom purchased some Halloween costumes when they went on sale the other day. Here’s our little chicken shaking his tail feathers:

We Survived…and Plat looks good

Well, we went live with Plat today.  We’re still working on getting all the information corrected and things ‘right’ in the system.  I billed everyone today for the first and all the invoices looked right…some of them were messed up but it didn’t take much to fix them (there were only five of them).  Now I’m going to have to get everyone trained on it.

Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch today…it’s .50 cent wings day.  I got twelve wings for $6.00.  So it’s lunch and dinner.  It was a little more than I anticipated spending, after a salad and tip…but it was worth it.  Yummy!!  We ran into some friends from The Corp, it was nice to get to say ‘hey’ and talk to them for a bit.

Tonight I get to clean some more on my house and get a few more things done before Saturday…woot.