Corn Mazes, Fat Cows, and Harvest Parties

This weekend was great!  Friday night I kicked back with my nieces while their parents ran errands and got stuff together for the party on Sunday.  Then Saturday we went to Beggs Farm in Sikeston, MO.  We started the day off at 12:00, meeting at the church and heading over to Lambert’s Cafe for lunner (late lunch early dinner).  We had about an hour wait to get in, so we headed over to Wal-Mart to buy flashlights and a Halloween mask for that night’s outing.  The group that went with us was seventeen adults (no children), and the youth group from our church was coming over later.  We ended up with about forty people there from our church.  It was a blast.  They have slide there was so much fun…we were all playing on it, several people walked away with strawberries on their elbows and knees (one kid had one on his chin).  When it got dark we headed into the corn maze, which was only about 5’5″ feet tall the drought this summer affected more than the ponds in the area.  There were some of our guys that were weaving through the corn and scaring us…we eventually picked ears of corn for ammo.  We loaded up at closing time and headed home.

Sunday was our Fat Cow/Harvest Party at church.  We welcomed all our new members in the congregation and then after church we had lunch (stew, chili, beans, hot dogs, etc) outdoors and then played games all day.  We had bull riding, barrel racing, shoot out, outlaw round-up, campfire karaoke, cow milking contest, and pony rides for the kids.  At dark we had a bonfire with hot-dogs and then a hayride.  It was a great afternoon and a lot of fun to spend time with the church family.

It was a great weekend…and then I was off to work this morning.


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