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Plat’s Day of Reconing

Tomorrow we go live with our Plat program here at Computer Land.  It’s going to be a little interesting…making sure that I have everyone in, on the right account, and that they are on the correct bill date and yadda-yadda.  I’m a little nervous, because I set up the program…I hope that it works correctly without to many glitches.  I will be keeping my fingers crossed!!

In other news…my niece ^K^ broke her foot yesterday at school.  She now has a nice blue cast and crutches.  The kicker of it all is that my other niece ~P~ just had a cast taken off her arm on the 17th of this month (they both broke their bones at school).  We have said that my nephew *S* will be wrapped in bubble wrap from now on to insure no mishaps happen.

Corn Mazes, Fat Cows, and Harvest Parties

This weekend was great!  Friday night I kicked back with my nieces while their parents ran errands and got stuff together for the party on Sunday.  Then Saturday we went to Beggs Farm in Sikeston, MO.  We started the day off at 12:00, meeting at the church and heading over to Lambert’s Cafe for lunner (late lunch early dinner).  We had about an hour wait to get in, so we headed over to Wal-Mart to buy flashlights and a Halloween mask for that night’s outing.  The group that went with us was seventeen adults (no children), and the youth group from our church was coming over later.  We ended up with about forty people there from our church.  It was a blast.  They have slide there was so much fun…we were all playing on it, several people walked away with strawberries on their elbows and knees (one kid had one on his chin).  When it got dark we headed into the corn maze, which was only about 5’5″ feet tall the drought this summer affected more than the ponds in the area.  There were some of our guys that were weaving through the corn and scaring us…we eventually picked ears of corn for ammo.  We loaded up at closing time and headed home.

Sunday was our Fat Cow/Harvest Party at church.  We welcomed all our new members in the congregation and then after church we had lunch (stew, chili, beans, hot dogs, etc) outdoors and then played games all day.  We had bull riding, barrel racing, shoot out, outlaw round-up, campfire karaoke, cow milking contest, and pony rides for the kids.  At dark we had a bonfire with hot-dogs and then a hayride.  It was a great afternoon and a lot of fun to spend time with the church family.

It was a great weekend…and then I was off to work this morning.


Life because of MARS

Today was a very full day in Computer Land. We held three seminar’s throughout the day with Cisco/AOS representatives concerning PCI and HIPAA compliance and also to introduce them to a new monitoring option available called a MARS box. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people, or to actually put a face to a name (several I have talked to on the phone before). It was a good day and an eye opener to several of the people (including me) about PC security. We found out that Yahoo Messenger now has a ‘key stroke cache’ thingy…hehe, still not par on my tech terms…but in other words, when logged into the Yahoo messenger the key strokes you make can be remembered and transmitted. Therefore if you type any personal information (passwords, account numbers) people can get that info from you. It was great getting to sit in on the seminar, and a lot of good info was given out.

It was somewhat of a weird day for me, becaus this security option is what started the hoopla at The Corp back in August…that eventually led to me no longer working there. But it’s all good, some things are just meant to be. I hear that things at The Corp are going well, and I’m glad. I did run across some blogs/posts of some of the employees that I knew while working there and they made me kind of sad/frustrated. I was perceived as an evil person that was very uncaring about the individuals that worked for me…that really saddens me. Was I perfect manager…no, I had days when I was grouchy or in a bad mood. The past three years or so I was under a lot of undue stress (which I cannot explain to the world or even defend myself against the way I was at work, because of reasons I cannot discuss – don’t you hate that you can’t discuss what you can’t discuss…which also makes it so one cannot defend oneself). I enjoyed working with everyone at The Corp, they were a great group of people. I was unable to tell them that given the circumstances of which my last week was spent there. I hope they all do well and I hope to be able to see them in a setting outside of The Corp at some point in the future. Though I was given the name ‘Supreme Overlord’, I thought it was a joke about the number of hats I wore for the company and the work I did…I’m beginning to fear that it was a joke behind my back about the fact that they felt I ‘lorded’ over my employees. (Sorry guys!)

We live life to learn and we learn by living life. Eventually things may work out so that my life will be open enough to allow people to know why I have acted as I did in the past. I am learning to live life regardless and not to allow the present situation to rule my attitude. May I succeed at this new chance!


My Weekend…need a smile

I believe if I look back in my history I will find a similar post about death coming in three’s. But apparently the old saying still rings true. This past weekend was CRAZY in my life/church. We had two deaths on Friday night and one Monday morning. Friday night a six year old little boy (the nephew of a friend of mine) was ran over by a truck and died, a seventeen year oldguy who’s family attends our church (and he came on occasion) died in a car accident, then Monday morning an elderly saint that has been battling cancer passed away. So our church has been busy this week supplying food for the families and attending services.

So, with everything that’s been going on, I saw the following announcement about October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it made me smile (this is important information) and thought I would share.

No cute title…

Normally when doing a blog I try think of a title that will go along with what’s been happening, but today my mind was blank. I’m just going to be sharing some stuff at random…so here goes.

Supernatural…a friend of mine got me hooked on this TV show. We watched the first season within three weeks (between work, church, and life in general); then started on the second season. We are currently down to two disc left in the second season (yes I know the third has already started)…we’re trying to get it finished so the third season will make sense. If you’re into jump scenes and can wrap your mind around the ‘what if’ of the whole basis of the show it’s a good show. I’ve jumped a couple of times…but so far have enjoyed it. We’re basically doing a marathon of the second season this week, and when we finally watch disc 6, I will be ready to get some sleep.

Sickness. My brother’s family has entered into the sick season. They all have the head cold stuff going on with a little strep throat included. I think I’m going to quarantine myself from them until they are all better. It’s a little crazy how things just spring up and make one contagious. Tara was gone over the weekend (due to a death in her family) and I spent a lot of time down there for three days…helping out and eating the food my mom cooked for them. I’m hoping that I have stayed immune to it all.

Seasons. I went with ‘s’ since the other two were labeled with one. :) Bow season is here, but up until this past Monday when we FINALLY got some rain it’s been to warm to actually hunt. If it doesn’t cool down some more firearm season (for deer) will be here before we know it…without anyone actually bow hunting. On the topic of seasons…in general…fall is here. The brown leaves are falling off the trees. Due to the spring freeze we had and the fact that we have been in drought for about two months, the pretty fall colors are not as what they could be. But it’s still really neat when the wind blows and the leaves cascade down from the trees.

Supply. I want to wrap this up with how awesome God is. I was ‘let go’ from my job back in August and I have yet to find a full time job that is permanent (though I have been blessed with a job at The Computer Place); but God has totally taken care of me these past few months. I’ve been able to make my payments that need to be made and everything just seems to work out. Have I been stressed…of course, but that’s what it’s all about sometimes I think. We say we have faith, but until we’re put into a situation where it has to be put into action…do we truly have it? I just want to thank God publicly for taking care of me and supplying my needs.

That wraps this up for now. Just thought I would put something out there to let everyone know that I’m still around. Things are going pretty good and I’m enjoying my life right now.


Work…a good thing

I’m working now.  It’s a temp job at the company that my brother and E went to when they left The Corp…but it’s a job and I’m having fun.  It’s great being with everyone again (well my brother, E, and J).  I’m setting up a program that we dealt with at The Corp, getting it ready to put their customers in.  I’m still looking for full time work, but God has been taking care of me (He’s good like that).

Friday night I had a sleep over party at my house…it consisted of my mom and my niece and nephew.  My brother and sister-in-law went to a concert with their oldest daughter, so we entertained the other two with as ‘K’ put it…’The Best Night Ever’.  We had chocolate gravy on Saturday morning (woot!!); I need to have company more often.  Everyone came to the house for breakfast.

Sunday night I played a game that I haven’t played in a ‘long’ time, and it’s a very good work-out.  If you’re ever feeling lethargic, find someone to play Frisbee with you.  We had a blast!!  I have found out that I can only play at about 10 ft. spaces between me and the other person in order for my throw to be accurate.

That’s all for now…this is my second week of work….time to get going.