The Reality of the Realtor

Today could end up being one of the saddest days so far in my life…I listed my house with a realtor.  I love my house.  I helped build it – from the ground up.  I got to decorate it and paint it how I wanted.  It’s home.  But there comes a time in a persons life when we have to let go of some things in order to accomplish others.  What does this mean?  That for at least the next six months (Lord willing a lot shorter) I will have to keep my house in tip-top shape (clean, with everything put away) because at any given moment someone could come take a look at the place.  Lucky for me I live alone and do not spend much time here…well as of late I’ve been here more than ever, but normally I’m not home much.  And if someone likes what they see, and is willing to pay me what I would like…then I will no longer be a home owner.

Today I got up and started cleaning the place, I still have to get my office in order and the upstairs bathroom cleaned before next Tuesday, not to mention my kitchen table uncovered and everything put away and the lawn mowed (yes, I can actually mow the lawn and not weedeat it).  Tuesday is ‘The Day’ when my realtor will be bringing everyone by to see the place to get acquainted with it.  WOOT.

Other than signing the paperwork that will eventually lead me to being homeless, today was a good day.  It has drastically cooled down since we had rain last week, and the weather was AWESOME.  Now I just need to get all my stuff in order so I can see if I will be accepted into a program here at TRCC to complete some schooling.

Need to run…have things that need to get done.



  1. Hey Sis it’s going to be alright. You can move in to the girl’s play house for as along as you need. They said it would be fine as long as you didn’t mind having a few crazy tea parties and sleep overs.

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